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Obama Is Finally Getting The Credit He Deserves As Approval Rating Nears 60%

Obama Is Finally Getting The Credit He Deserves As Approval Rating Nears 60%



With only months remaining in his second term, President Barack Obama’s job approval has reached its highest level since July 2009 as the American people are giving him credit for a presidency well done.

The Washington Post reported on the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll:

Amid Clinton and Trump’s struggles, the Post-ABC poll finds 58 percent of Americans overall approve of President Obama’s job performance, the highest since July 2009 and continuing the positive movement since December when he stood at 45 percent.

Eighty percent of Republicans say that Obama has done real damage to the country, but the President’s job approval rating split is 58%-34%, which underscores the math problem that is confronting the Republican Party in the 2016 election.

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are popular within their own party, but unpopular among the broader electorate. The American people have had nearly eight years of an outstanding presidency. The Obama years have been devoid of political scandals. President Obama has behaved like a president that the country can be proud of. He has been everything that the American people could ask for in a president.

Obama has also gotten the job done politically. He has brought about the real change that he promised. From expanding healthcare to turning the economy around, Obama has more than gotten the job done.

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