U.S. Politics

Trump Foundation Investigation

Donald Trump’s Foundation gave money to a state attorney general’s re-election bid. Shortly after, she didn’t pursue a case involving Trump University. Joy Reid talks with Washington Post reporter David Farenthold…

2 thoughts on “Trump Foundation Investigation

  1. tump’s favorite ‘charity’…VETS FOR A STRONGER AMERICA, a ‘ONE’ man charity?..IF they havent changed their name, AGAIN… . the illegal purchase of TEBOWs Football, at a auction.,,,. paid for, with his FOUNDATION funds…. what else does he pay for out of his ‘Foundation”?….THAT IS illegal?….. like his TAXES & ‘who” he is indebted to, WE have a RIGHT TO KNOW….HOW much the guy ‘who is not beholden to anyone”…. how much he really is ‘beholden’ to….RUSSIA , CHINA, OR BOTH?


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