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Trump: ‘I Am Here to Listen’

Donald Trump

Evan Vucci—AP


Donald Trump said he wanted to help rebuild Detroit and told members of a black church that “there are many wrongs that should be made right” as the GOP presidential nominee tried to woo African-Americans two months before the election


Obama, Xi Jinping Take Big Step on Climate Change

The United States and China they are formally joining the Paris Agreement to combat climate change, significantly increasing the likelihood that the accord will take effect this year. It’s the latest in an unlikely partnership between the two countries on climate change

5.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shakes Midwest

An earthquake has rattled a swath of the Great Plains from Nebraska to North Texas. The United States Geological Survey said that a 5.6 magnitude earthquake happened in north-central Oklahoma. It also tweeted that aftershocks may occur

3 thoughts on “Trump: ‘I Am Here to Listen’

  1. Re: Trump: ‘I Am Here to Listen’
    I really believe Trump listens. I am reasonably sure, however, that he doesn’t understand the words.


  2. WHY are none of these Black folks asking him who is keep the home fires burning?…. WHO is waiting back at the office, waiting for his return to give him more bible verses to impress….. Well, could it be the ALT RIGHT… the National supremacist poster boy, Bannon of the BREITBART rag?… Stone, Ailes?…WHO?

    His phony visit to swing & swag, with his African Americans, is a joke. The Media is acting like he has made this earth shaking effort.. this is the same guy who had ”BLACKS’, REMOVED From the Casino floor, before he arrived… same guy who DIVIDED A NATION with his BIRTHER BS LIE…. but now he has the answers to the plight of the inner cities…. I’m sure he does….BURN THEM DOWN….that’s the laugh, behind closed door in that nasty back room…

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