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Glenn Beck: Trump Turns GOP Into The Party Of ‘Racists’ And ‘Liars’


A dire Glenn Beck reflected on the anointed one’s withdrawal from the presidential primaries today. He thanked Carly Fiorina for joining a suicide mission and then expressed remorse over the state of the Republican party, which will become the party of racists now that Trump is in charge.

With Trump as the face of the GOP, Beck declared, the Republican Party is now the party of racists and liars and he wants nothing to do with it, warning that Republicans will “never elect another GOP person to high office ever again.”Hillary Clinton will win the election and then “legalize as many voters as she can” while painting the Republican Party as “completely racist,” he said, and “you will never have another Republican president ever again.”

Despite this dire view, Beck then revealed that RNC Chairman Reince Priebus has contacted him and asked for a personal meeting next week, presumably to try and convince Beck to support Trump and the GOP.”I can’t help you,” Beck said, “but I’m interested to see what they have to say.”

It would be a wonderful thing if a Republican was never elected as the president ever again, but I know that’s wishful thinking.

I, like Beck, can only hope that it’s so.

By John Amato

2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck: Trump Turns GOP Into The Party Of ‘Racists’ And ‘Liars’

  1. Can anyone save the Republican Party?.. Is there a Reagan, out there somewhere?.. IF the Republican Party implodes, & the replacement is, the party of David Duke & friends, this country will have another civil war….WE, worked for hundreds of years to try & bring everyone to the same level & in one election cycle, a supposed billionaire, has given racists & bigots, not only the permission to voice their hate, but encouraged it, to spread like cancer……


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