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Boehner’s Departure Opens The Door For Tea Party Crazies to Take The Wheel

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House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to resign will likely be greeted with applause by liberals and conservatives alike, as he presided over one of the most dysfunctional and least productive Congresses in the history of the country. Conservatives will cheer that the weak leader has been replaced by a stronger conservative, and liberals will celebrate the departure of one of Barack Obama’s most prominent Congressional adversaries.

Yet, for liberals, and for the American people in general, Boehner’s exit from leadership may not be cause for celebration. Boehner, for all his faults, was at least a feeble bridge between tea party nihilism and the frayed ends of sanity. His departure blows up that bridge. Without a doubt, the U.S. House was dysfunctional with Boehner at the helm. However, with Boehner out, that dysfunction is almost certain to get worse.

The list of Republicans who are most likely to replace Boehner as speaker, or to advance into other House leadership positions because of Boehner’s resignation, consists of a collection of Tea Party activists and sympathizers. Next in line could be Kevin McCarthy of California, with Paul Ryan (WI), Jeb Hensarling (TX), Tom Price (GA) and Steve Scalise (LA) as other possibilities for either Speaker or House Majority Leader. These five men are even less interested than Speaker Boehner was in running a functioning Congress.

The GOP House without Boehner as their leader will be even more dogmatic, resistant and nihilistic than the current House, and that is not an easy bar to clear. Worse yet, whoever does take the reigns will always be looking over his right shoulder, making sure he is placating the right-wing extremists so they don’t topple him in a political coup for being insufficiently conservative.

In many ways John Boehner has only himself to blame. As House Speaker he frequently allowed reckless reactionaries to hijack the House agenda and to turn the lower chamber of Congress into a perpetual circus. Boehner’s House spent much of its time running kangaroo courts to investigate phony scandals, and passing dozens of pointless resolutions to defund Obamacare.

The toothless House Speaker was never very successful at controlling the radicals in his party, who incessantly fought to undermine the last vestiges of functioning government. Boehner’s resignation will only fuel the growing nihilism of the Republican Party’s right-wing. With the lunatic fringe taking the wheel of governance, and John Boehner no longer on the GOP side of the aisle to pump the brakes, the tea party crazies are going to move full speed ahead with their plan to dismantle functioning government. Buckle up America. We’re in for a rough ride.

Keith Brekhus

10 thoughts on “Boehner’s Departure Opens The Door For Tea Party Crazies to Take The Wheel

  1. Carl. Not sure what about Huckabee appeals to you. Doesn’t he scare you with his desire to force the fundamentalism of the religious right on all of us? He should scare you. Tomorrow it may be YOU that he disagrees with. Not sure how you equate his anti-gay American diatribes as “decent”.
    Regarding the Iraq invasion. If the goal was to eliminate Saddam because of his “torture” why did the US not invade…China ? Russia? Saudi Arabia? Qatar?
    You don’t really think that “human rights” had anything to do with the invasion, do you? If so, how do you NOT invade 1/2 of the nations on earth?

    The destruction to the Iraqi infrastructure and deaths of over 400,000 civilians was unconscionable. Innocent victims killed because they lived under a dictator? It would be like killing the Jews for living under Hitler. Not to mention the over 2 million refugees…which destabilized Syria… which has lead to ISIS. The entire current mess in the Middle East can be traced back directly t that illegal invasion.

    Nope. No amount of historical revisionism will ever justify that atrocity.

    The 2nd Bush administration lead to the 2nd Great Depression and squandering of massive amounts of wealth. Real people suffered by those economic policies. Campaign with “pride” on Bush’s record. I hope the GOP DOES campaign on Bush’s catastrophic administration It would be a great day for Dems.


  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    “Boehner’s exit from leadership may not be cause for celebration. ….. With the lunatic fringe taking the wheel of governance, and John Boehner no longer on the GOP side of the aisle to pump the brakes, the tea party crazies are going to move full speed ahead with their plan to dismantle functioning government. Buckle up America. We’re in for a rough ride.” …… indeed. This may be even worse. Be careful what is wished for!!

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  3. Time for the Dems to offer a deal to moderate GOPers. We will throw our votes to a moderate candidate for Speaker. The Tea Party is NOT a majority in the House. A combination of Dems and moderate GOPers is a majority.

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      1. Even dems know Bernie unelectable. It would be McGovern all over again. Biden looks better every day.Then there’s possibility of Al or Kerry again.
        Fortunately the wing nuts in Republican Party don’t control the choosing of delegates, the state parties choose some and the primary voters choose the rest. The Donald really does look like a shoo-in now. But in anything he seems to say I have not heard much on particulars or of substance on how or what. Romney a compromise pick at stalemate convention ? I wish McCain and Dole were decades younger. I like Rudy.

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        1. Way too early to tell. Jeb has the big bucks behind him and staying power. Rubio is going to be strong. Trump will self-destruct. Christie lives too far east. I see a Bush-Rubio ticket in the end. If one of the lunatics get nominated (Carson, Trump, Fiorina, Huckabee, Santorum) it will be a total catastrophe for the GOP. The Dems could run Moms Mabley and beat that group.

          Is Bernie electable? Many thought Obama was not electable. I agree that Sanders is “probably” not going to get the nomination. But whether he is “electable” depends on who the GOP puts up as the alternative, doesn’t it? Bernie is not scary. He is old (helps with the senior vote) and he does not change his positions. Long history of supporting the middle class and working families. Not stupid. No scandals. Who knows?

          Sanders vs. Huckabee? Who would you vote for?

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          1. I’d vote for Mike, a sensible decent fellow. I do like Bernie’s pro worker class stands and anti big business abuse and exploitative capitalism tirades. Year ago I would bet the ranch on Jeb vs Hill. At this point seems no one will have enough votes on the first ballot. Then back room trade offs begin. Do you think Jeb/Rubio possible? After all that’s two Florida guys but then again in a world of personalities first, having a regional split on ticket or putting a VP to carry a swing state may not be of substance any more. Jeb would surround himself with advisor/friends of his brother and father but I am certainly OK with that. They would be more sensible and decisive than what we have now. I am frustrated with the naysayer global warming and pro Genesis creationists though. Such a big anti intellectual element of Republican party. Sheeesh.

            Iraq War ? It never made any difference to me whether Saddam had WMD or not. The regime conducted rape rooms and tortured its own people in repression. That was reason enough to destroy that regime in my book. Too bad it created the present mess. Saddam had the last laugh. He warned us of the mess that would erupt without the control of his iron fisted murderous hand for stabilization. I think Republicans should campaign with pride on the Bush 41 and Bush 43 record.

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          1. Yes, I do FOX and Morning Joe. I was MSNBC all day long but felt they distort the news to the left much more than FOX does to the right and Rachael is just impossibly left(although legitimate criticism of right here and there) and Al is just a plain liar. I never see discussion on blog as combative and as a retired history teacher I am humble enough to have my thinking modified especially if plain wrong. After all we can base our ideas best only with uncontaminated news. I feel I am a kinda in the middle republican but their record on helping the people Jessie Jackson calls “the people who take the bus to work” and on environment is disgraceful and non believing climate change rhetoric makes me nuts. The far right calls moderate republicans RINOS(republicans in name only) but I think they are the RINOS. I am also a rare pro union republican because the unions seem to be the only advocates for the working class left and fellows like Scott Walker who are proud of their union busting also disgust me. So I think I am not a FOX ideologue because there is disagreement from me with much of their agenda for lack of a better word.

            I used o participate in a top notch academic theology blog out of England but it was so uncompromisingly Catholic I felt I was wasting my time and theirs as well by my participation.

            I also follow paleontology news and it is a very exciting time as new animal and pre human discoveries pop up almost weekly and evolutionary theories are constantly being modified and presentations recrafted so I am open to discussion and not foolishly recalcitrant.

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