Gun FAILS · Open-Carry Activists

“Open carry” activists have a lovely time celebrating guns at the site a Democratic President was murdered by one


I  visited Dealey Plaza back in the late 90’s while working in Dallas.

The place is so calm and serene.  It’s a shame to think those clowns thought it was appropriate to demonstrate their insanity in such a sad place. I truly wonder what is the genetic makeup of non-thinking neanderthals that allow them to distribute such anti-social behavior throughout this country.  It’s simply mind-boggling.

The Raw Story

From the Dallas Observer and Talking Points Memo it appears that some of the “open carry” extremists are little worried we don’t get the implication when they scream about how the Democratic President is illegitimate and all their lip-flapping about how they need guns for some fantasized-about revolution. So, just in case we aren’t getting the hint, this group called Come and Take It Dallas went to Dealey Plaza to have an open carry demonstration. Yes, that’s where President John Kennedy was shot. Yes, I think we get the message.

This definitely crosses the line from lip-flapping and fantasizing out loud to something the Secret Service probably needs to investigate. Consider, of course, how anti-choicers do a ton of lip-flapping about how abortion doctors are all “murderers” and “executioners” and then act all surprised when someone hears their non-subtle hints loud and clear and decides to shoot a doctor or bomb a clinic. This is pretty concerning, even though I am sure most of these people are more interested in play-acting revolutionaries than actually doing something violent.

Of course, having a bunch of wingnuts waving guns around Dealey Plaza sends a message that’s plenty loud and clear, but just in case you’re as literal-minded and stupid as the people doing this are, they draw a line under the message and italicize it, with one guy starting at 4:40 ranting about the “usurper” and “propaganda” from Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, because those are names of people he knows are Democrats.

I wonder how many of them know that Lee Harvey Oswald was not some right wing terrorist who was valiantly standing up against a “usurper” in the White House. Oh, who am I kidding? I bet not a one of them thinks that he was the lone gunman anyway.

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