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This Land Is Mine – By By Nina Paley

The following video blew my mind with the excellent  graphics and professional presentation of her version of Middle East history…

One commenter on Vimeo says what I was thinking but couldn’t articulate:

Putting aside the great graphic, this video pretends to give a concise history of the Middle East, but shows only one dimension (wars) and two colors: B&W, or rather, in B&B (Black and Blood).

On the one hand, this is quite representative of the history of all mankind, but on the other hand we should remember that humans invented not only wars and bloodshed, but also gave birth to Homerus, Mozart and Einstein. Likewise, the Middle East’s history consists not only of wars but also of the invention of writing and alphabet, monotheism and the Bible and much more.

I understand the message needed to be clear and concise, but at least the final tune could be less pessimistic.

This Land Is Mine from Nina Paley on Vimeo.

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