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The Republican Insult War On Women – ‘New GOP Idea That Can Close the Gender Gap: Bring Policy “Down to a Woman’s Level”

“…down to woman’s level…” OMG! How clueless are they?

The Last Of The Millenniums

war on women24

war on women19

Taking away you right to chose, the right to vote, the right to make the same as a man doing the same work, the right to have legal protection against violence isn’t enough.

Now Republican are insulting women – wait for it – to get their vote.

‘Ashe Schow is out with an intriguing story from a panel that no other reporter scored a ticket for’.

‘It was a Friday panel put on by the Republican Study Committee, the House’s conservative caucus; it was low-key enough to avoid mention on the RSC’s website, or be turned into an RSC video’.

‘So the only report from the RSC’s first event since Georgia Rep. Rob Woodall (July 9) took over is Schow’s’.

‘North Carolina Rep. Renee Ellmers, a leadership favorite who’s often put forward when the party wants a female messenger on health care or jobs, explained that men failed to bring…

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4 thoughts on “The Republican Insult War On Women – ‘New GOP Idea That Can Close the Gender Gap: Bring Policy “Down to a Woman’s Level”

  1. Then we can all become big & fat like the attractive woman holding the sign……. guess as a last resort, the bible is the place to find comfort for not thinking for yourself……. I believe the pic is a self portrait of the result…….wonder how often her ‘man’, if she has one, goes to the bar to find a woman that breaks everyone of those rules?…..


  2. Again, many thanks for the reblog.
    On a National level, the ‘Party’ has clamped down on the fringe element. But on a State basis, 30 States have Republican majorities and many, many of them ARE the fringe from 2010 and 12.
    They haven’t gotten the message or are teabaggers so won’t listen to the ‘party’ message.
    These people are the really, really ‘clueless’ ones.


    1. My pleasure…as always.

      I believe their clueless posture is by design. It’s the alternative to sticking their finger in their ears and saying: “Nah nah nah nah nah…I can’t hear you!”


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