Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney is tan, rested, and ready to lose again, so let’s do this thing

Mitt Romney in the hills by DonkeyHotey via Flickr
Mitt Romney in the hills by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Looks like that bogus Quinnipiac poll may be forcing Romney to come out into the spotlight…

The Raw Story

In a move that can be seen as either desperation or ‘we’re all gonna die anyway, so what the hell?’ conservatives are casting their eyes westward to a man — a stoic man, an honest and true man of values, standing knee deep  in the Pacific Ocean watching the sun go down on America — as their savior in 2016.

That man is a man called Mitt. Family man, businessman, gentle and attentive lover, and owner of both a car elevator and a losing career in elections.

Surveying the 2016 GOP field and falling into a pit of existential dread and despair where there is no light, no hope, no exit, nothing but a  bleak meaningless abyss of wretchedness and desolation, Republicans see hope in the sparkle of Mitt Romney’s eyes and the Earth-mother joy in life his wife Ann brings to the party.

So the ‘Why not Mitt?’ crowd is going to throw some shit against the wall and see what sticks. After all, that is what fan-mag Politico does.

In an article subheaded, “I’m absolutely serious,” a former George W Bush White House person you have never heard of states his case.

Pointing to a recent poll stating 45 percent [or 3 percent less than voted for him in 2012] of voters polled said the United States would be better off today with Romney as president, Emil Henry says that Mitt Romney was very well received indeed at a rave he threw for a bunch of his pals in Utah:

That was also the question on not just the minds but the lips of many at a recent private gathering in Utah known as the E2 Summit, Romney’s now-annual retreat for high-profile politicians, policymakers, innovators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, top bundlers and, of course, a core group of long-time Romney loyalists.

Cancel the convention location search, nobody has to go to Cleveland, we have a winner!

Noting that the GOP field is “fractured” and filled with loons, untested loons, corrupt loons, and loser loons, Henry suggests that Romney is better than nothing and, besides, Morning  Caffeinated Anger Dad Joe Scarborough — who may or may not have had a hand in a rage-filled  explosion of lust and betrayal resulting  in a staffer’s death – says Romney is ‘da bomb,’ which is a phrase popular with middle-aged white men who consider themselves ‘hip to the kids lingo, yo.’

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, who opened the conference in Utah, said it best: There is no Republican who can “fill the stage” better than Mitt Romney.


Lastly Henry notes that all the other Presidential failures (George McGovern, Michael Dukakis, Bob Dole, Al Gore, John Kerry and John McCain) were “career politicians.”

Where Romney stands out versus every failed nominee of the last half century is that he, a lifelong businessman with just one successful four-year stint as governor of Massachusetts, is not a career politician.

This is true. Romney ran against Ted Kennedy for a Senate seat and lost in 1994. He then licked his wounds, saved the Olympics,  and came back and was elected governor of Massachusetts  in 2002.  Then he ran for the Republican presidential nomination in 2008, only to lose to shouty Palin-annointer John McCain.  And most recently he ran against Barack Obama in 2012  and lost again giving him a career record of 1-3.

So while it is true that he is not a “career politician,” that might have something to do with the fact that people who vote cooperated and kept him that way by giving him a helping hand.

With one finger extended.

So, yeah, he’s your guy. His record speaks for itself and he’s totally due so you guys should do this thing.

After the last two elections, we expect nothing less.

9 thoughts on “Mitt Romney is tan, rested, and ready to lose again, so let’s do this thing

  1. “…with just one successful four-year stint as governor of Massachusetts…”
    Romney’s stint was so successful, in fact, that he didn’t even try to run for the 2nd term.


  2. I hope this happens–if for no other reason than to see Glenn Beck, who hates Mitt, go crazy for the next couple years. Of course Glenn is stupid enough to think Ted Cruz would win…..

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  3. Who else do they have? Cruz and Paul are too far out. Christie’s got his scandals. There’s Jeb Bush, but who wants another Bush in the White House? Maybe Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio. It just seems like the Republican teem isn’t too strong, so Mitt is probably thinking “Hey, why not?”

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  4. Love the comments on diff sites that whine about Obama…. Well who are the ‘fools’ that voted for him, twice? “hope you all are happy with the guy you voted for”… “libs voted for the worst pres ever”….. so on and so on……..

    My response is usually ‘stupid is as stupid does” quoting the great Forest Gump….. These Obama haters convinced that the folks that voted for Obama, are dim wits, overlooked their own vote… They voted for the guy, Romney, the Rich, who told them, unaware, at a fund raiser for the1%, his base… “he could not & would not represent 47% of the country”….. but they question the Obama voters……. he also selected LYIN Ryan & his middleclass killling “budget”.

    Possibly these same folks are part of the 1% or trust fund babies that they could ignore the guy that advised them, in so many words……To Suck It…….

    They may have another opportunity to vote for the man, tht would not allow us to see his ‘budget’, who bragged about the weak tax laws that allow him to send funds to the Caymans, his tax returns that he was scared to death to produce, the jobs he sold overseas for profit, definite decision to shut down Planned Parenthood for working poor women……..

    The folks he hurt the most are the ones in line cheering on what a great candidate…. maybe he’ll bring his “binders” full of women, next try for the WH…….

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  5. Just being reminded of the fact that over 45 percent of “My Fellow ‘Murricans” voted for Misty Mitt in the last presidential election gives me a sinking feeling; not that he might win but that so many view him as presidential material. It’s no wonder things are in such a mess!
    (I wanted to say “so fu…” .. Well, you know.

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