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Republicans Have a Big Bubba Problem: Clinton is The Most Admired POTUS of Last 25 Years




With the Clinton political brand poised for a resurgence in 2016, the last thing Republicans needed was a new polling showing that Bill Clinton is the most admired president of the last 25 years, but that is exactly what they’ve got.

A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Annenberg Survey found that Bill Clinton is the runaway most admired president of the last 25 years. Forty-two percent of respondents picked Clinton. President Obama came in at 18%, George W. Bush got 17%, and George H.W. Bush was close behind at 16%.

Normally, these sorts of polls make for nice historical arguments as to who was the better president, but with Hillary Clinton likely running in 2016, her husband’s runaway win in the POTUS admiration contest takes on an entirely different dimension. Republicans had already been trying to deal with former President Clinton’s popularity by reviving the Lewinsky scandal, which shows that Republicans have learned nothing. Every time, they bring up Lewinsky, Clinton gets more popular.

Bill Clinton’s massive popularity only makes things more difficult for Republicans. Former Clinton is just admired. He is extremely credible. When he gets in front crowds, and starts talking about what the country needs to do to get the economy going, people listen. Clinton is popular across age groups. He is one of the few political figures that can bridge the divide between red and blue states.

The biggest problem for Republicans is that are going to have to contend with both of the Clintons on the campaign trail. Former president and former Sec. of State Clinton both the ability to both draw a big crowds and the media all across the country. The Republican nominee will be outnumbered two to one every day on the campaign trail. The fact makes one appreciate the political talents of Barack Obama, who faced these same odds, and overcame them during the 2008 Democratic primary.

Republicans are flipping out already over Hillary Clinton running, but one of their biggest problems in 2016 may be the presence of her husband. Republicans have a big bubba problem. If the Clintons hit the campaign trail firing on all cylinders, 2016 could be another blowout win for Democrats.

10 thoughts on “Republicans Have a Big Bubba Problem: Clinton is The Most Admired POTUS of Last 25 Years

  1. Here is my problem, Bill Clinton isn’t really all that good of a person. He did some spectacularly bad things, as a human being and a President. Yet he is still ‘admired’ as both.

    So why, pray tell do we admire him?


  2. This old white man, a cheerleader for both Clinton and Obama, is going to stay out of posting to this subject after this post..
    The reason? Any discussion comparing the performance or likeability of those two men could only be reasonable in America if both had the same-color skin — and bigots check color very closelly.

    That is particularly true among the right-tilted malcontents and hereditarily disadvantaged ‘old South’ racists, and they would turn any disccussion, debate or comparison of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama into a hidden-but-always-there, racist-driven, mud-wrestling free-for-all.

    Fortunately, the regular followers of TFC are among the enlightened Americans who know that the Human race has no valid taxonomic separations. WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE..

    Now go tell that to two neighbors on your left and two on your right — and good luck with that…

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    1. I’d say, let’s not forget- despite his state affiliations- “bubba” clinton had the respect and the vote of much of “the black” community- which despite his own skin color brought him a great deal of the same baggage that Obama has had to deal with.

      And I’ll be the first to admit- I don’t think either of them were “great” presidents.Although among the best in my adult life- though with competition like reagan and bush x 2 (I’m still trying to reconcile feelings on carter) that’s not saying a lot.
      I will say I have a lot of respect for both CLinton and Obama- which I cant say for reagan or the bushes.
      And if we actually look harder at the CLinton years, maybe, just maybe we can see that Obamas problems aren’t, indeed, entirely about race- but a political party that is entirely unwilling to accept ANY challenge to *their* worldview.
      I haven’t heard anyone else say it yet- so I’ll say it now…this is why I have reservations about Hilary running. With her as president the discussion will be framed as sexixm rather then racism. And we’ll continue to largely ignore just how ****** up the right really is….

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  3. And in the future, Obama may be admired. The biggest thing a president has to do to be admired in the future is “don’t fuck up.”


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