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White House Mistakenly Outs CIA Afghanistan Chief

This was pure sloppiness on their part.  Unacceptable…


During President Obama‘s surprise trip to Afghanistan on Sunday, the White House mistakenly exposed the identity of the Central Intelligence Agency’s top official in Kabul.

According to the Washington Post, the officer’s name (which has been redacted by the press to protect the individual’s safety) was inadvertently included among a list distributed to the press showing the names senior U.S. officials participating in the president’s trip.

The mistaken list reportedly identified the individual as “Chief of Station,” the CIA’s term for the highest-ranking spy official in a given country. After the White House recognized the error, they quickly issued a revised list.

The oversight was brought to light by Washington Post White House bureau chief Scott Wilson, who noticed the name on a pool report sent to the press and asked the White House press team if the name’s inclusion was intentional.

WaPo‘s report continues:

Initially, the press office raised no objection, apparently because military officials had provided the list to distribute to news organizations. But senior White House officials realized the mistake and scrambled to issue an updated list without the CIA officer’s name. The mistake, however, already was being noted on Twitter, although without the station chief’s name.

It is unclear whether the disclosure will force the CIA to pull the officer out of Afghanistan. As the top officer in one of the agency’s largest overseas posts, with hundreds of officers, analysts and other subordinates, the station chief in Kabul probably has been identified to senior Afghan government officials and would not ordinarily take part in clandestine missions beyond the U.S. Embassy compound.

Read the rest of the report here.

3 thoughts on “White House Mistakenly Outs CIA Afghanistan Chief

    1. Hopefully, the GOP and its minions will be reminded that Dick Cheney — VP of the US — intentionally outed Valerie Plame as an insult/injury to her husband who questioned one of the Bush Administrations lies regarding a reason to invade Iraq. Not everyone forgets…

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      1. More about the outings as told by VALERIE PLAME:

        The right is calling Sunday’s leak of the station chief’s name worse than the Plame affair. That’s a ‘false equivalency,’ says Plame. The new case was a ‘mistake’—hers, ‘retribution.’
        Was the release of the Kabul CIA station chief’s name a “worse case” than what happened to Valerie Plame? Or is the secrecy of a station chief in a foreign country a “wink-and-nod secret” where everyone knows the person’s true identity?

        The former CIA operative, in Washington to promote her latest spy novel, was primed for the question Wednesday evening and immediately set the record straight. “It was colossally stupid,” Plame said at a panel organized by The Atlantic, “but it was a mistake.” It was not the White House that outed America’s top spy in Afghanistan, she said, but a military aide who included the CIA operative’s name in a list of people greeting President Obama in Kabul on Sunday. The president’s trip was undertaken with great secrecy, she said, and kept a surprise. “I’m sure everyone was breathless,” she added, noting that the White House had launched an investigation. “And they’ll find someone who’s really embarrassed at the end of it,” she predicted, “the crucial distinction being intent.”

        In her case, she said, revealing her identity was “retribution for my husband…a warning shot.” Plame’s husband, former ambassador Joe Wilson, had questioned the evidence cited by the administration that Iraq was acquiring nuclear capability. What happened on Sunday, when the manifest of names was released to the press, was “just foolish,” Plame said. “The right is making a false equivalency that is misplaced.”


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