Climate Change Denial

Texas Lawmaker: Obama ‘Thinks He’s God’ And ‘Can Change The Weather’

Texas Sen. Dan Patrick (R) | AP Photo/LM Otero

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt. ~ Abe Lincoln

Another dumbass politician opens his mouth…



Patrick said he would spend “zero dollars” to combat climate change.

“I understand why Obama thinks he can change the weather — because he thinks he’s God,” he said, as recorded by Raw Story. “He thinks he is the smartest person in the country. He thinks he knows better in Washington what we do in Texas. He thinks he’s the one, through all of his executive orders, that Congress isn’t even up to his level, so I’m not surprised that he also thinks he can change the weather.”

The state senator went on to argue that global warming is not backed up by solid scientific evidence.

“First of all, when it comes to climate change, there’s been scientific arguments on both sides of the issues,” he said. “But you know, if you want a tiebreaker, if Al Gore thinks it’s right, you know it’s wrong.”

Patrick added that policies enacted to address climate change will “destroy our economy.”

“I’ll leave it in the hands of God. He’s handled out climate pretty well for a long time,” he said.

3 thoughts on “Texas Lawmaker: Obama ‘Thinks He’s God’ And ‘Can Change The Weather’

  1. How ridiculous…. how childish……name calling… and such stupid names…”obama can control the weather”….. they never stop… Yeah, like the Pres thinks he is Elmer Gantry…… what fools we have in our government…. making laws and rules for the rest of us to follow………


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