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Former Bush Official Bashes Republicans for Obsessing over Benghazi While Ignoring Cheney’s War Crimes

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It’s no secret that when it comes to the attack in Benghazi, Republicans have done just about everything they possibly can to keep this “story” in the news.  And time and time again their ridiculous conspiracy theories pertaining to the attacks that happened nearly two years ago have been soundly debunked.  Their most recent push to keep this “story” relevant has been reduced to an email they discovered pertaining to talking points that were used in the days immediately following the attack.

That’s what this recent flare up within the conservative media is all about.  What talking points was Susan Rice given by White House officials just after the attack in Benghazi?.  But to hear Republicans talk about this email, it’s a “smoking gun” to a conspiracy as corrupt or worse than Watergate.

I guess it’s a good thing for Republicans that conservative voters don’t like to think for themselves.  Otherwise they might see how ridiculous it is that nearly two years after this attack, we’re once again discussing it because of the talking points that were used just after it had occurred.

Well, a former Bush administration official and Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson hammered Republicans for how they obsess over Benghazi while ignoring Dick Cheney’s war crimes.

Wilkerson said, “I find it an enormous problem that they go after something like this, Benghazi – tragedy that it was – and they don’t go after something that is a colossal tragedy like the war crimes of Richard Bruce Cheney.”

He also went on to say, “The fact that I was a member of that administration will haunt me to the grave.”

The point he makes is one I, and many liberals, have been saying for quite a while now.  It’s amazing how furious Republicans want to act about Benghazi, yet they completely ignore the horrors that were committed by the Bush administration.

While there’s no doubt that Benghazi is a tragedy, it pales in comparison to the over 4,000 Americans who died in Iraq based on a lie.  Then we have a former vice president essentially bragging about the war crimes the administration committed, even saying he would do them again.  Hell, in a recent speech Sarah Palin said if she were president she would openly commit war crimes.

And these are some of the people who want to act “alarmed” and “shocked” over the talking points used immediately following the attack in Benghazi?  Give me a break.

Watch the segment below:


H/t: Don Babets

4 thoughts on “Former Bush Official Bashes Republicans for Obsessing over Benghazi While Ignoring Cheney’s War Crimes

  1. Col. Wilkerson is right, of course, but don’t expect the GOP to let ‘Benghazi-gate’ go away as long as a Democrat is running for President.
    Have you noticed, they haven’t stopped using ‘Lewenski-gate’ yet….

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