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Gwen Ifill Lists Stories That Deserve More Attention Than Benghazi (VIDEO)

PBS news anchor Gwen Ifill


“If this weren’t about politics, we would be talking about the 200-plus missing girls in Nigeria,” Ifill said Sunday on CNN. “We’d be talking about the outbreak of war in South Sudan. There are so many important issues around the world which involves people’s lives, helpless people’s lives, that could use a little attention.”

Emboldened by an email that shows a White House aide explaining how to discuss the attack, House Republicans announced their intention last week to set up a select committee to investigate the attack.

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer gloated that many journalists “are somewhat embarrassed by the fact that unlike Fox they allowed themselves to be stoned and spun and rolled for a year-and-a-half and now the memo appears and it’s obvious they missed the story.”

4 thoughts on “Gwen Ifill Lists Stories That Deserve More Attention Than Benghazi (VIDEO)

  1. The big problem is that the ACA is catching fire…. folks are starting to see the benefits of not being a third world country without a healthcare program……SO… now what do they have?….. they can still beat to death Fast & Furious…. IRS…. had to go back in the closet to dig out Soylindra… but those three things are their platform….. this is the grounds to ask for your vote…. they have NOTHING ELSE….. they have DONE NOTHING in 5 yrs for the country or her citizens…..

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  2. OK, Darrell Issa, THAT DOES IT. I’m only going to say this a few more times, so you might want to take this opportunity to try to understand it.

    There had been demonstrations at other outposts earlier in the day (September 11, 2012), but no terrorist attacks. It was impossible to see from inside the embassy compound how many people were involved and if they had weapons, what kiind? Handguns? Rifles? Heavy machine guns? Or just signs?

    They didn’t know what they were up against when the ‘disturbance’ started.. All they could say was that they were under attack. The closest response teams were in Rome, almost 800 miles away. What opposition would the response force be up against; a small number or hundreds; how were they armed?

    If there had been troop aircraft warmed up on the flightliine with combat-ready troops already on board, how many should go? Would they need heavy weapons; tanks, attack aircraft? It would take a minimum of 2 hours to get them there. Realistically, it would have taken at least three hours to equip troops, get them to the aircraft and make the trip. Then how long to get from the landing zone to the embassy? Was there ground transport available for the response force when they got to Benghazi?

    If it was a ‘planned attack, would there be air defense weapons already set up? If you could get attack aircraft to the scene sooner, how would they know what or who to atttack? Would machine guns and air-to ground rockets be the right weapons, or would you need bombers? There were no personnel in the area to act as spotters. IF there had been personnel in place to do that job, they would have been aware of what was planned well before it happened.

    It is about 5,200 miles from Washington to Benghazi, but the non-combatants in D.C. led by a former car-alarm salesman are trying to outguess the field commanders on the scene.
    That’s like asking a campground rat why no one brought the salt!

    Let us all try to figure out how Mr. Issa would have handled it. He certainly hasn’t told us what he would have done…


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