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Scarborough: Obama And Holder Should Stop Playing The Race Card (VIDEO)

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Sure, Joe…just as soon as the entire GOP stop being racists.


A day after Attorney General Eric Holder said in a speech that he and President Obama have dealt with unprecedented levels of criticism, MSNBC’s resident conservative mocked Holder for suggesting that racism is at play.

“Because of racism, I mean, Holder, that’s what Holder suggested, the attorney general suggested yesterday, right?” Scarborough asked Politico’s John Harris.

“There’s no question,” Harris said. “That’s what he’s trying to get at. I don’t see any other reading of it.”

From there, Scarborough was off.

He argued that Holder, the first sitting attorney general to be held in contempt of Congress, has received the same treatment as Janet Reno, the attorney general under Bill Clinton.

Reno, he said, “was accused of murder by Republicans” after the Waco siege.

Scarborough went on to say that Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX), the tea party congressman who’sdabbled in birtherism, would have been just as hard on Reno as he was on Holder. Moreover, Scarborough contended that Clinton dealt with just as much hostility as Obama.

“So when you’re going to say that Barack Obama and Eric Holder have been treated worse than anybody else in the history of American politics because of their race, well, you’re not even going back 20 years let alone 200,” Scarborough said.

Scarborough later said he’s not “disregarding” the prejudice against Obama, but he continued to insist that other public figures like Richard Nixon, Edwin Meese and Robert Bork faced the same level of scrutiny.

“Again, and this goes past just what Eric Holder said yesterday. We’ve been hearing this for six years, suggesting that there’s race behind everything — no, no,” Scarborough said. “There’s really not. This is what happens in Washington, D.C.”

“It happens to people that step up to the stage,” he added.

12 thoughts on “Scarborough: Obama And Holder Should Stop Playing The Race Card (VIDEO)

  1. Joe lays claim to knowledge and experience based on his short tenure in Congress. He is a waste of airtime and oxygen. The placement of the BLONDE who does nothing but suck additional oxygen from the air, well this is just a FAUX stunt, she is supposed to be his counterpoint instead she latches on and keeps sucking.

    It is startling to me, well not really, this nation continues to point and shoot, ‘playing the race card’, themes when our President or our Attorney General point out the obvious. How is this ‘playing the race card’ again?

    Gad, I despise these people.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “It is startling to me, well not really, this nation continues to point and shoot, ‘playing the race card’, themes when our President or our Attorney General point out the obvious. How is this ‘playing the race card’ again?”

      It’s good to know when someone else sees my point, Val.


    1. I must have miswsed out on something again. What spectacle will Stewart have fun watching. (What 5 white men and 1 white woman?)


      1. The spectacle of people disingenuously claiming not to see someone else’s point – the same spectacle presented in your comment – the same spectacle I am having fun watching right now.


  2. Well what do you know? It started first thing this morning apparently – sooner than I thought.

    Name another President who during his very first State of the Union address was met with a “YOU LIE!!” shouted from a Congressman. Name one. Scarborough says “National figures” accused Clinton of murder. Well, so called “national figures” (whoever they are) are not the same as Congressmen at congressional public hearings. Someone should (and I’m sure they will) fact check Scarborough. As long as there are Scarboroughs and Golmerts this issue needs to be examined in detail and discussed. There is an objective history that can, and should, be scrutinized. Mere expressions of conflicting opinions get us nowhere.

    BTW why does Mia Brezinski face Joe Scarborough, make faces, wiggle around and stick out her chest so much when he talks. She’s nice to look at but she looks silly.

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    1. OK. You’ve now explained why some guys watch the show, but can you explain why anyone — other than Republicans looking for talking points — actually LISTEN TO JOEwhile watching the show?

      Gotta admit, though, Joe is the best talking point I know for questioning the thinking of MSNBC brass…

      Liked by 2 people

        1. “It’s important for a guy like me to keep on top of this.”
          And that is because? I am actually interested, LTL; not wise-cracking..


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