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Scarborough: Hillary Will Be ‘More of a Neocon’ Than the 2016 GOP Nominee

I’m inclined to take anything Joe Scarborough says with a grain of salt…but still, this one thing bothers me…a lot.


Morning Joe panel Wednesday morning roundly agreed that Hillary Clinton would be more hawkish on issues like Ukraine and Iran than President Barack Obama and even more hawkish than a potential 2016 Republican presidential nominee.

“Hillary is more hawkish than any of us!” former Mitt Romney foreign policy advisor Dan Senorsaid. “She just compared Putin and the Russians to Nazis.”

“Hillary is the neocon’s neocon” Scarborough said. “It’s going to be fascinating if she decides to run and gets the nomination. She will be more of a saber-rattler, more of a neocon, than probably the Republican nominee. I mean, there’s hardly been a military engagement that Hillary hasn’t been for in the past twenty years.”

“She is a traditional Democrat, who tends to be very tough on foreign policy,” Cokie Roberts said. “We’ve forgotten that in the post-Vietnam era. That was where the Democrat Party always was. And if you’ve got a Republican like Rand Paul, she’ll certainly be more out there on military might.”

“God help us,” Senor said under his breath about the potential of a Paul nomination.

Watch the clip via MSNBC

9 thoughts on “Scarborough: Hillary Will Be ‘More of a Neocon’ Than the 2016 GOP Nominee

    1. I must admit Hillary worries me too, and I hope Elizabeth Warren challenges her if for no other purpose than to force Hillary to reveal her true colors in no uncertain terms. And although I would rather see a POTUS with the political and economic views of Elizabeth Warren than one with the apparent views of Hillary Clinton, I have concluded (for now) that Hillary Clinton would be so much better for America now and in the future than, say, a Rand Paul, that I would not want to risk running a candidate against him who has neither been vetted to the extent to which Hillary has been vetted nor availed of the powerhouse support systems to enable that candidate to win. Our America absolutely cannot afford a Republican President at this time in its history.


      1. I think you are absolutely correct, and we need a good competitor in the primary to keep Hillary from getting complacent. Warren will force Clinton to address the economic isssues.


  1. Scarborough should be on FOX. Never listens to any other opinions and because he was a Congressman for a short time he thinks that his opinions are always right….. He steps on Mika’s comments constantly but I blame her for being his pet rock….. what exactly does she do beside being a straight man to Scarborough’s smart ass remarks?


  2. The more i read or hear what Hillary SAYS she thinks, the more I’ll be willing to throw my support to Elizabeth Warren, Democratic Senator from Massachusetts, as the Democratic Candidate for President in 2016..

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  3. Scarborough is a legend in his own mind who thinks he’s cute. I don’t trust him and very very rarely agree with anything he says. And its no different here. I think he’s trying to manipulate Hillary to her disadvantage. I do not think Hillary has ever been as hawkish as she has made her self out to be. But she has known that she could not appear to even as dovish as her male counterparts lest she be labeled a “weak” woman unfit to be our President.

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