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Joy Reid Getting Her Own Show on MSNBC (w00t!)

Joy Reid 3
MSNBC’s Joy Reid | (photo credit: Adam Fagen)

I’m so happy Joy Reid will have her own show.  For a couple of years now, I’ve been in awe of Joy’s uncanny ability to respond to any question on any topic in depth.  The woman is a natural when it comes to politics.  I have no doubt she’ll be on top of the ratings for her time slot.

Daily Kos

From The Daily Beast:

…Reid’s news show, which is still being staffed, came as more of a surprise. It will launch at 2 p.m., where (Tamron) Hall has presided for the past three years.Reid, a 44-year-old graduate of Harvard and, until now, a contributor to the cable network, is, along with Hall and Rev. Al Sharpton, one of three African-American hosts on MSNBC’s week-day lineup. She will give up her duties as managing editor of the, MSNBC’s black-oriented web site, to anchor full-time.

“Joy is a really thoughtful journalist and analyst, and she’s found real success on this network,” Griffin told The Daily Beast. “She’s formidable on-air and very smart. She fits our sensibility and our audience really connects with her. She’s a natural.”…


Ronan Farrow, son of Mia Farrow, is also getting a show, to launch on the same day. But I have never seen so many tweets over the past year begging Phil Griffin, head of MSNBC, to give Joy Reid her own show. And I agree with all of them. She is really terrific.

Best of luck, Joy! You deserve this, and we’ll be watching. Her debut is Feb. 24 at 2pm ET.

7 thoughts on “Joy Reid Getting Her Own Show on MSNBC (w00t!)

    1. Tamron will be fine. She’s already a co-host on the Today Show at 9 am so that makes her schedule more palatable. Also, rumor is that their grooming her to become the face of the early morning Today Show, so Tamron is not being neglected at all. She has star power and her star is definitely on the rise at MSNBC. Don’t forget she hosts another show about crime on another network as well.


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