Blog Roundup

Wednesday Blog Roundup – 11-06-2013

5 things we learned from Election Night

Analysis: Post-shutdown, pragmatism is in

Illinois House and Senate pass gay marriage!

Interest in Obamacare rises despite snags: poll

Terry McAuliffe Wins Virginia Governor Race

De Blasio Is Elected New York City Mayor in Landslide

BREAKING: Hawaii House Committees Advance Marriage Equality Legislation

Washington Times Ends Rand Paul’s Weekly Column After Plagiarism Charges

Doctors: Force-Feedings at Guantanamo Have Been Used to Break Political Protests, Not Save Lives

Denise Robbins: Media Ignore Study Finding Ocean Warming 15 Times Faster Than In Past 10,000 Years

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Blog Roundup – 11-06-2013

      1. I’m glad you posted it. People need to think about miigating the losses, because the pollution is not going to stop. First thought: Do not buy property in coastal lowlands! Leave ‘high and dry” ground for your descendants…


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