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Georgia Man Denied Medicaid Due to Governor’s Decision, Blames Obama Anyway

Georgia Man Denied Medicaid Due to Governor’s Decision, Blames Obama Anyway

I shouldn’t be surprised at this man’s attitude toward the president.  After all, he lives in Georgia…


The levels of cognitive dissonance flowing through Conservative circles is at such an absurdly high point that it is surprising that they aren’t literally drowning in it. It is scary how people can ignore what is right in front of their faces just so that they can maintain their narrative that President Obama is the only reason why they’re struggling in any way. Mother Jones contributor Kevin Drum highlights the oppositional defiance of the Tea Party in his piece, “The Real-World Consequences of Obama Derangement Syndrome.”

Drum is referencing an article written by Jim Tankersly at the Washington Post. The article is about the town of Rome, Georgia, and how it has a 10% unemployment rate and businesses are closing. It also discusses how the people being affected, regardless of the real reasons why, all blame Obama. Unfortunately the Washington Post piece isn’t a work of satire, and it doesn’t in any way confront the absurdity behind what the people interviewed are saying.

The negative consequences referenced in the title are in actuality caused by the Republicans, but their constituents are so brain washed that they can’t even blame the right people. It was banking deregulation that lead to the economic collapse, yet the easily misled  in Rome try to say that it is Dodd-Frank causing banks to not lend, and thus forcing them to close their businesses.

The problem with that is Dodd-Frank was written as a response to the irresponsibility of banks, encouraged by Republican policy, that led to the economic collapse in the first place. On top of that, much of the Dodd-Frank bill hasn’t even been put into effect because the people in charge of writing all of the regulations haven’t even finished yet. But of course, because they couldn’t possibly point their finger at the bad policies of their chosen party, they blame Obama.

Meanwhile, on the Affordable Care Act side of things, the last man discussed in the article could go down in history as one of the most blindly oppositional people to ever live if enough of us talk about the ignorance he exudes. Georgian Donald Rizer needs shoulder surgery, but he has no insurance. If his governor, Nathan Deal, hadn’t rejected millions, if not billions, of federal dollars to expand Medicaid in the state out of some misguided spite, then Mr. Rizer would qualify for Medicaid as of January 1st, 2014 and be able to get all of his necessary health services. But this is Conservative illogic at its best.

The Affordable Care Act was passed, granting billions to the states to expand Medicaid so that the poorest in the nation could live healthy lives. But wait, Republicans don’t like the law, so they challenged it in court. What happened?  The Conservative leaning court said that the ACA is Constitutional, the caveat being that the federal government can’t force the states to expand Medicaid if they don’t want to. Georgia’s governor, obviously a Republican, decides that he’s gonna “stick it to the man,” and refuse the money. The Georgia legislature also refuses to expand Medicaid, ultimately meaning that Mr. Rizer makes too much money at his part-time job to qualify for Medicaid.

So, to recap, Republicans fought the law, making it possible for the expansion to be ignored, and Republicans also refused to accept the money, thus not expanding Medicaid, and as such Republicans made Mr. Rizer ineligible for Medicaid. So who does Mr. Rizer blame for his inability to get insurance? You guessed it.  Obama! Wait, what? The Republican party is why he can’t get insurance, but Obama gets blamed? Republicans screwed the economy, but Obama gets blamed?

There’s a joke going around the internet that if Obama came out in favor of air, the Tea Party would all suffocate and die. If that were true, I’d think he would have said it already. Our only hope is that by repeatedly and frequently pointing out the absurd hypocrisy of the Tea Party, perhaps Fox news will be forced to do a report on it and the smarter ones out there might realize how stupid they’re being. Though that’s doubtful.

The consequence not discussed in all of this is how it affects the rest of us. While Democrats repeatedly try to pass legislation that actually helps people, these swaths of Conservative territory continue to push their representatives to oppose absolutely anything that Obama even remotely agrees with, forcing everyone to suffer for their bad judgement.

These are the same jackasses who complain about a few million dollars in welfare fraud, but they’re cool with 24 billion dollars lost to the economy because of the government shutdown. Much good could be done if the government was actually working, but these people would be happier if the government broke down completely — clearly not understanding how it wold affect their lives. Here’s to hoping the 2014 elections lean Left and we can clean up this train wreck.

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