Tom Delay

Tom DeLay: ‘God Created This Nation And God Created The Constitution’

Keep in mind that the tagline for The Fifth Column is “sorting out the crazies”.  This is as crazy as it gets from a major former politician.  My pick for the winner of the current crop of crazy politicians is Michele Bachmann.

Right Wing Watch

During a service last weekend, John Hagee spent a half hour interviewing former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay during which DeLay revealed that God has commissioned him to write a book and promised him that he’ll play a role in the coming spiritual revival.

Hagee praised DeLay for being victorious over the Devil by beating the corruption charges that ended his political career, while DeLay asserted that God was the author of the United States Constitution.

“Jesus died for our freedom,” DeLay said. “And Jesus destroyed Satan so that we could be free and that is manifested in what is called the Constitution of the United States. God created this nation and God created the Constitution; it is written on biblical principles.”

DeLay went on to recount a recent experience he had in which he spent four hours “on a conference call with the Lord” during which God told DeLay that he is to write a book called “Shut It Down” about the need for Constitutional revival. On top of that, God also told DeLay that He has heard the voice of His people and that “my awakening is beginning,” in which DeLay will play a role:

3 thoughts on “Tom DeLay: ‘God Created This Nation And God Created The Constitution’

  1. I just placed today’s post (about Tom DeLay on The Fifth Column) in my “Political Crazies”’ Folder — alongside Bachmann, Cruz, DeMint, Santorum — AND Antonin Scalia.


  2. Thanks for the link. It will be interesting to see how this plays out for the Republican in 2016.
    Santorum was thought to have the lead of the Religious Right but that was before Cruz. Rand’s creds in the religious community are weak on a good day.
    Maybe it’ll be like rock/paper/scissors…Rand beats Cruz, Santorum covers Rand, Cruz cuts Santorum.


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