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Rick Scott Claims Responsibility For Economic Recovery; Experts Debunk

rick scott economic recovery
MIAMI, FL – SEPTEMBER 19: Florida Governor Rick Scott speaks during a town hall meeting with the Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) at the Spelios Center | Getty

Is there something in our water supply that only affect right-wing nutters?

The Huffington Post

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is broadening the central message of his re-election campaign: Beyond claiming responsibility for Florida’s recovery from the Great Recession, he now blames the downturn on his predecessor and likely 2014 opponent, Charlie Crist, and former Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink.

Sink and Crist scoff at Scott’s claims, which don’t pass muster with economic experts, either.

“Poppycock” was Sink’s response; David Denslow, retired University of Florida economist, called Scott’s contentions “without empirical foundation.”

Scott has made his campaign message clear, before the race gets underway, in repeated speeches and daily news releases: He contends that onerous state taxes and regulations in place before he took office caused Florida’s job losses, and his own pro-business governing formula of lower taxes and cutting regulations has pushed Florida’s recovery ahead of the nation’s.

Economic data don’t back that up.

Economists say national economic policies and the business cycle have far more influence on the state’s economic condition than local or state tax or regulatory policies. They also say Florida doesn’t appear to be recovering faster than the rest of the country.

The state is recovering, but it still trails national averages in growth of personal and per-capita income and growth of its domestic product. Drops in the unemployment rate have occurred largely because workers have stopped looking for work, according to the state Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Research.


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