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Thursday Blog Roundup 9-4-2013


Republican Obamacare sabotage efforts focused where need is greatest

Just in case there was any question at all that the Republican House Energy and Commerce Committee is engaging in sabotage and bullying in investigating a key component of Obamacare’s launch, let it end now. The previous chair of the committee, Rep.…


Obama Makes International Case for Syria Action

President Barack Obama took his case for military action in Syria to the international community as he headed to a summit of world leaders hosted by Russia, the Syrian regime’s ardent Western ally.


Obama administration extending benefits to gay veterans’ spouses

The Obama administration has found yet another way to make the benefits of marriage more equal following the Supreme Court’s decision striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act. Specifically, the same-sex spouses of veterans will be eligible…


Liz Cheney compares self to Winston Churchill standing up to Hitler

[Liz] Cheney filled her 90-minute speech and question-and-answer session with red meat for the conservative crowd. She compared herself to Winston Churchill standing up to Adolph Hitler and suggested members of both parties in Congre…


Allen West Rails On Obama’s Approach To Syria

Former Florida Rep. Allen West (R) took to Facebook once again on Wednesday to criticize President Barack Obama’s approach to a possible military strike in Syria.”As a leader, he did nothing for all these months and now wants to enjoin everyone in…


Gay Rights Ordinance in Texas Draws GOP Objections

 A proposed nondiscrimination ordinance in San Antonio that is similar to others already adopted in other cities in Texas and around the U.S. is stirring opposition among top Republicans and conservatives. The San Antonio City Counci…


Making law school cheaper: For many, two years is plenty

“THIS is probably controversial to say, but what the heck,” said Barack Obama on August 23rd. “[L]aw schools would probably be wise to think about being two years instead of three.” Mr Obama once taught constitutional law; his idea could put…


The Phantom of Baghdad

A moment of silence, please, for a hawkish neoconservative pundit named Liz Cheney. Ever since she became a surrogate for the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign, Cheney seized every chance to slap Democrats on their limp wrists. Once, she criticized John Kerr…


Why Lincoln Chafee’s decision not to run for is good news for Dems

Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee (D) surprised the political world Wednesday when he announced that he will not run for a second term. And for Democrats with an eye on holding the governor’s mansion in Rhode Island, it was a pleasant surprise. Read…


Anthony Weiner gets into angry spat with Jewish voter

Anthony Weiner gets into a shouting match as he campaigns for New York City mayor.

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