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Obama Says He Hasn’t Made Final Decision On Syria Attack

Barack Obama

In my opinion attacking Syrian  military installations from via lobbed missiles from U.S Naval ships would be an effort in futility.  They have had ample time to move their weapons elsewhere.  

The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama said he has not made a final decision on a Syria attack.

Obama said he is considering a “limited narrow act,” and called a Syria chemical weapons attack a “challenge to the world,” according to Reuters.

“We’re not considering any open ended commitment. We’re not considering any boots on the ground approach,” Obama said, according to White House pool reports.

“We have consulted with allies. We have consulted with Congress,” Obama said.

Below, more on the story from the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama says he hasn’t made a final decision about a military strike against Syria. But he says he’s considering a limited and narrow action in response to a chemical weapons attack that he says Syria’s government carried out last week.

Obama says that attack was a challenge to the world and threatens U.S. national security.

Obama’s comment came after the U.S. released an intelligence assessment that found with “high confidence” that Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government carried out a chemical weapons attack last week.

The U.S. says the attack killed more than 1,400 people.

Obama spoke before meeting at the White House with three Baltic leaders.


7 thoughts on “Obama Says He Hasn’t Made Final Decision On Syria Attack

  1. I definitely think someone needs to do something and now. But the reports are saying it was Assad while others are saying it was the rebels. Eeesh. What do you think?


    1. I think it would be a good idea to kill a bunch of innocent Syrian civilians.
      That would demonstrate too both sides that they are being inhumane.
      We have to do somethi9ng, because they crossed OUR “RED LINE,”

      Or maybed not???


      1. No….not because they crossed our red line…because Assad or the rebels have allowed 1,400 innocent civilians to die by a chemical attack on top of all the other deaths. I feel like we or their neighbors someone has to help those people. I’ve lived in a war torn region and you are going to die if the fighting does not cease.

        So if it’s not military action by SOMEONE then what? Civilians are dying every day but 1,400 by a chemical attack is atrocious and I am not for the entire world sitting back with folded hands and being like, oh well….it’s not us. If this were happening on our soil without the ability to stop it (Korea) would be want the rest of the world being hands off?


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