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Geraldo Rivera Says All Six Jurors Would Have Also Killed Trayvon Martin

I know I shouldn’t be shocked at anything that pundits over at Fox News have to say.  Yet, having said that, I am in fact shocked at the above statement…

Think Progress

On Friday morning, as George Zimmerman’s defense team prepared to deliver its closing statement in the 3-week trial, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera told Fox & Friends that the all-female jury would have also killed Trayvon Martin if they had encountered him on that fateful night:

RIVERA: I see those six ladies in the jury putting themselves on that rainy night, in that housing complex that has just been burglarized by three or four different groups of black youngsters from the adjacent community. So it’s a dark night, a 6-foot-2-inch hoodie-wearing stranger is in the immediate housing complex. How would the ladies of that jury have reacted? I submit that if they were armed, they would have shot and killed Trayvon Martin a lot sooner than George Zimmerman did. This is self-defense.

Watch it:

In March of last year, Rivera proclaimed that “I think the hoodie is as much responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death as George Zimmerman (his killer)” and later gloated about the remarks.

His original comment was met with widespread disgust, even from his own son. Public figures, including Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) and the Miami Heat basketball players responded by wearing hoodies in solidarity with the slain teenager.


9 thoughts on “Geraldo Rivera Says All Six Jurors Would Have Also Killed Trayvon Martin

  1. The older he gets, the dumber he gets, the more he spouts off. This country has so many grumpy old men, in the media, but mostly, the congress and senate!


  2. Geraldo is always saying something stupid .Why should anyone be surprised?Fox News is his only outlet.He has been fired how many times?


  3. I strongly suspect that none of the jurors would have gotten out of their cars — or condos — and chased Treyvon, gun or no gun.
    [However, my own Florida being what it is, I wouldn’t bet much on that.]


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