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Heritage’s in-house white supremacist wrote for white supremacists

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In case there was any doubt that Heritage Foundation’s Jason Richwine is a white supremacist, there’s his pieces for a white supremacist website:

Richwine’s two stories for Spencer’s website,, dealt with crime rates among Hispanics in the United States. describes itself as “dedicated to heretical perspectives on society and culture—popular, high, and otherwise—particularly those informed by radical, traditionalist, and nationalist outlooks.”

That site is run by Richard Spencer, who also runs a “think tank” for “White Americans”. Nice friends, Richwine has.

Richwine’s articles for, “Model Minority?,” published on March 3, 2010, and “More on Hispanics and Crime,” published the next day, push back on an American Conservative essay that argued that some conservatives have over-hyped the crime rate among Hispanics. (Richwine’s article was cross-posted on the website of the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative think tank in Washington where Richwine was previously a fellow.)”A proper analysis of the data indicates that Hispanics have a substantially higher crime rate than whites,” Richwine wrote in the first piece, which he backed up with federal prison data showing the incarceration rates of whites and Hispanics.

Ah yes, because incarceration rates have nothing to do with race and class, proving that this self-styled Poindexter is really quite the moron.

Meanwhile, the Heritage Foundation is considering hiring a crisis management firm to repair its image, because what did they think would happen by putting Jim DeMint in charge?

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