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The David Pakman Show – Herman Cain: Obama Voters Have ‘Severe Ignorance Problem’ (VIDEO)


This is obviously a case of projection on Mr. Cain’s part…

Addicting Info

From the David Pakman Show

Herman Cain is a new voice on Fox News. His comments seem to make him a worthy replacement for Sarah Palin, matching the obtuseness she often offered.

For example, when asked in an interview with Bill O’Reilly why President Obama is so popular, he responded along the lines of (as David paraphrases):

“We have a severe ignorance problem and he received the vote of 51% of the electorate who were misled enough to vote for him.”

Of course, as David points out, all of the facts contradict this assertion, but why argue with truth?

David shares segments of the O’Reilly/Cain interview and discusses the disconnect that continues in the way Fox, and the right in general, view the true mood of America.

See the video:

3 thoughts on “The David Pakman Show – Herman Cain: Obama Voters Have ‘Severe Ignorance Problem’ (VIDEO)

  1. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Severe Ignorance: anyone who believes anything a sexual predator has to say on ANY subject. Herman should just crawl back (in disgrace) under the skirts of his loving misguided spouse and vanish from public view. Thank you The Fifth Column, for posting this information on the “999’er”.


  2. Sarah Palin and Dick Morris replaced by Herman Cain. And Fix News wants us to believe they are going to be more serious in their broadcasts? Cain was an ignorant opportunists who got on the Tea Bagger stage as a chance to sell more books. Anyone looking into his “career” at Godfather’s Pizza will see what a true failure he was.

    At any rate, Fox continues its decline, and the talking head idiots keep telling the same falsehoods, just the faces have changed.


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