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Lawmaker Wants to Require Students to Read Ayn Rand

Idaho state Sen. John Goedde (R), chairman of the Education Committee, introduced legislation to require every Idaho high school student to read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and pass a test on it to graduate from high school, the Spokane Spokesman-Reviewreports.

Said Goedde: “That book made my son a Republican.”

Majority of Americans Trust Just One TV Network

A new Public Policy Polling survey on television news finds that there’s only one source more Americans trust than distrust: PBS. 52% of voters say they trust PBS to only 29% who don’t trust it.

The other seven outlets  polled on are all distrusted by a plurality of voters.

Rand Paul carves out own space on foreign policy

Sen. Rand Paul advanced his foreign policy views in a speech on Wednesday that appeared to be aimed at showing his fluency in that arena, particularly on radical Islam, the suspected Iranian nuclear weapons program, and U.S. military involvement.

On some of those issues, he sounded tones similar to his father, the former three-time presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Rand Paul campaigned for his father, who drew attention for his libertarian views – which he described as non-interventionist but critics described as isolationist.

Jay-Z tweets reaction to Bey’s Super Bowl show

After Beyoncé finished her exhilarating halftime Super Bowl set, she received a hug of support from one of her biggest fans: her husband Jay-Z.

A photo posted to Instagram, reportedly by Beyoncé’s makeup artist, shows the singer embracing her partner with a huge smile plastered on her face.

Jay-Z, who wed Beyoncé in 2008, joined in the jokes on Twitter that his wife’s performance was so electric it knocked out the power in the stadium.

“Lights out!!!” he posted after her show on Sunday night. “Any questions??”

The GOP, Fox political purge

Republicans and Fox News are moving to purge the controversial political creatures they created.

Both were damaged badly in 2012 by loud, partisan voices that stoked the base — but that scared the hell out of many voters. Now, the GOP, with its dismal image, and Fox News, with its depressed ratings in January, are scrambling to dim those voices. To wit:

  • Fox ousted contributors Sarah Palin and Dick Morris, two of the most obnoxiously partisan figures on the network’s air.
  • Karl Rove, himself sidelined by Fox after the election, has helped start a new super PAC, the Conservative Victory Fund, designed to keep controversial conservatives like Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) from winning Senate primaries.
  • Senate GOP leaders created what amounts to a buddy system with their caucus’s most popular tea party members, Sens. Rand Paul of Kentucky and Ted Cruz of Texas, to get their help in taming anti-establishment conservatives.
  • Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has been running around the country warning anyone who will listen that Republicans must quit being the “stupid party” that nominates nutty candidates.

“The fact that we lost a winnable election has caused Republicans to take this very, very seriously,” Jindal told us in an interview. “I don’t think it’s just a marketing change. I don’t think it’s just cosmetic changes. It is going to require some serious changes, not in principles, but in the way we talk and act.”  More…

Scott plans $100M campaign vs. Crist

Rick Scott is preparing to defend his Florida governorship with the most expensive reelection campaign in state history, drawing up plans for a battleship-sized political operation aimed at overcoming the Republican’s deep personal unpopularity.

The anticipated price tag, according to sources familiar with Scott’s plans: $100 million.   More…

Donald Trump To Sue Bill Maher for $5 Million Over Orangutan Joke (VIDEO)

Donald Trump will take Bill Maher to court for refusing to honor his joking pledge to pay $5 million if Trump could prove his father wasn’t an orangutan.

Karl Rove’s Super PAC Isn’t Wasting Any Time Attacking Ashley Judd

Dear Ashley Judd, Welcome to the world of campaign-style politics.

The actress-turned-activist is seen as a possible challenger to Sen. Mitch McConnell in next year’s election. As we explained in December when her name first began to pop up, her resume is a little thicker than most actresses. She earned her masters in public administration from Harvard University in 2010 and has become increasingly vocal on progressive public-policy matters in recent years, from social issues to the environment. While those strengths may not be big sellers in Kentucky, there’s no denying that she has much stronger name recognition than any of the other names being floated for a McConnell challenge.  More…

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