Behind the Scenes with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly: January 30th 2013

Gabby and Capt. Mark Kelly are the epitome of the term: power couple.  Not in the colloquial version of the term but in the literal interpretation.  This couple intends to have a voice in the gun control debate.  I personally support them and their Americans for Responsible Solutions effort 100%.


Author: kstreet607

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5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly: January 30th 2013”

  1. Valentine Logar wrote:

    “And so it comes, more garbage spewed by drones of the NRA.”

    It is amazing to me that people like you consider yourself to be educated and articulate. But you can’t write more than one sentence other than to simply call someone a “drone.”

    Personally I think the NRA is wrong about putting armed police in every school. I think we need to let every teacher who is willing and capable get a permit to carry a concealed handgun, and carry it in school to protect her children.

    My wife teaches the youngest kids in a public school. Her kids have learning disabilities and would be incapable of hiding and keeping quiet if a shooter came in her school. So having the means to protect them is her only option other than just kneeling and praying for mercy from a merciless shooter.

    Also it would be a good idea to put a gun safe in the principal’s office and put a couple loaded Bushmaster AR-15 carbines in there with a couple loaded 30 round magazines each. And of course train the principal and her assistants how to use them.

    I feel sorry for Gaby Giffords, but she is just another leftist drone too.



  2. What happened to Gaby Giffords was a tragedy. But when she was in Congress what did she do to help get people like her attacker identified and put into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS)? Her attacker was clearly suffering from major mental illness and no one stood up and did anything about it.

    Now she wants to blame legitimiate guns in the hands of law abiding citizens?

    A Bushmasher AR-15 carbine is nearly an ideal weapon for home defense.

    Who Needs An Assault Rifle?

    When Gaby Giffords was in Congress did she take money from major drug manufacturers? Perhaps drug manufacturers that make billions in profit from psychiatrists prescribing tons of psychotropic drugs to young men (like her attacker)? Drugs that have warnings about side effects of aggression and violent ideation?

    Now she wants to blame legitimiate guns in the hands of law abiding citizens?

    Heard a story about a psychiatrist the other day. Told a friend that he could no longer treat his daughter since he was no longer prescribing drugs. The insurance company would only pay if he was prescribing psychotropic drugs.

    We’re drugging our children, and children in inner cities are dying in gangs and fighting over drug turf. Solution? Try to restrict legitimate firearms like the AR-15 with 30 round clips from lab abiding citizens.

    I am sorry for what happened to her, but I have no sympathy for her predictable attempt to take that sympathy to steal genuine rights of Americans.

    People like to say, “If it will only save one life.”

    I reply, “And how many people will die?” How many people will die if Feinstein gets her legislation passed that will outlaw most semiautomatic weapons.


    p.s. I am sending my check to the NRA.


  3. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Yes, ALL of America needs to support Americans for Responsible Solutions. Thank you Ms. Kstreet607 & The Fifth Column for common sense responsible support of assault weapon/handgun reform laws.


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