Wednesday Blog Round Up 1-30-2013

Big Shakeup At CNN

Shake Up at CNN
Carville and Erickson out at CNN .

Death Star Woulda Been a Bargain
GOP Rep. says ‘path to citizenship’ will cost country $2.7 trillion.

This week in Serious Republicanism
All right, let’s unpack this. In his opinion-having today, opinion-haver David Brook..

Clinton: ‘I am out of politics right now’
In her “exit interview” with CNN, outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked ..

Video: For Republicans on immigration, first stop digging
Steve Schmidt, Republican political strategist, talks with Rachel Maddow about wheth..

2nd secret GOP “how to talk immigration” memo uncovered
A 2nd GOP sensitivity-training memo on how to talk about immigration without insultin..

Google Releases Detailed Map of North Korea, Gulags and All
Until Tuesday, North Korea appeared on Google Maps as a near-total white space &m..

Gabrielle Giffords to testify at Senate hearing on gun violence
Former congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) is expected to testify Wednesday a..

Kerry wins 94-3 Senate vote to become Obama’s 2nd-term secretar..
With only three ?no? votes, the Senate on Tuesday confirmed veteran lawmaker and for..

Transcript: Hillary Clinton’s Final Television Interview as Secretary ..
The following is a transcript of “Nightline” anchor Cynthia McFadden’s interview with..

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