Saturday Blog Roundup – 1-26-2013

‘We Beat The Liberals’
McConnell campaign email brags about blocking filibuster reform.

Latest From Virginia
A key Republican state senator in Virginia comes out against GOP scheme to apportion..

Careful what you scheme for
Over at the conservative National Review, Reihan Salam suggests Republicans give up ..

Mitt Romney: ‘I’m not going away’
Sadly, Mitt Romney is not plotting a 2016 comeback, but today he told big money Repu..

The View Obama Wanted to See One More Time
The Daily Beast has the photo as President Obama left the inaugural platform.

Fox News Isn’t Renewing Sarah Palin’s Contract
At the New York Times, cable news chronicler Brian Stelter has the story that Sarah ..

The Flu: New, Contagious Norovirus Infecting U.S.
The Flu: New, Contagious Norovirus Infecting U.S.

Wayne LaPierre, Mark Kelly to testify on Capitol Hill
Make sure to sign up to receive “Afternoon Fix” every day in your e-mail inbox by 5(..

Don’t write off GOP support for Obama’s gun proposals
Don’t look now, but a Republican Senator is quietly working with Democrats on n..

Jon Stewart: Obama’s inaugural speech took a swipe at Paul Ryan
President Obama’s comment about us not being a “nation of takers” was a slap at Paul .

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Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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