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‘Gun Appreciation Day’ marred by accidental shootings

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Just days after President Obama unveiled the most ambitious gun control proposal in decades, the first national Gun Appreciation Day was held on Saturday. It was organized by a Republican consulting firm urging gun owners to stand firm against the proposed new curbs.

But based on news reports of the last 24 hours, it didn’t go very well.

The Raleigh News & Observer reports that three people were shot when a loaded shotgun accidentally discharged at the Dixie Gun and Knife Show at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports that one man was left wounded after an accidental shooting at the Medina Gun Show in Medina, Ohio.

The Indianapolis Star reports a man was injured as he was leaving the 1500 Gun & Knife Show at the Indiana State Fairgrounds when his gun accidentally discharged.

And gun shows accidents weren’t the only ones yesterday. There were many more:

UPI reports a Dallas man was arrested when a gun discharged in his pocket while he was shopping at Walmart, injuring two other people.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports a six-year-old girl shot herself in the face while handling her father’s gun.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports a 14-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 15-year-old brother with his mother’s handgun.

Google search pulls up dozens of similar stories.

Gun enthusiasts rightfully note that these were accidents and that many people are also killed in car accidents every single day.

That’s very true. But as Congress mulls new gun laws, perhaps lawmakers could weigh whether guns and their owners should at least be regulated to the same degree that we regulate cars and their drivers.


8 thoughts on “‘Gun Appreciation Day’ marred by accidental shootings

  1. Once a Vice-President of the U.S. shot a hunting companion in the face with a shotgun, an accidental shooting is no big news.

    I, however, must echo a comment by a decades-ago light-hearted philosopher [‘Brother Dave’ Gardner] who said, that there are no accidents; just a lot of pre-planned carelessness.


  2. Too funny. So much for gun “enthusiasm”. Seems the owners themselves might need some training on how not to shoot themselves and/or others, as well as how to keep them out of the hands of those untrained to use them.


  3. I agree with Coco, this is funny considering they wanted to have Gun Appreciation Day to distract and disrespect the Inauguration of a black President and MLK’s Day. Stupid is as stupid does.


  4. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    We need more guns on our streets & in our homes….like we need more crack on our streets & in our homes. While we are banning the sale, possession & ownership of assault weapons, we should also ban gun shows. Thank you The Fifth Column, for this post.


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