Fresh Off Completely Sane Piers Morgan Interview, Alex Jones Says Mayor Bloomberg is Sending Crackheads to Kill Him for Speaking Truth to Mafia

Black helicopters,”Mafiosa”, “Goodfellows looking guys”and “Crackheads”.  That’s the world of conspiracy Alex Jones describes regarding his trip to New York to appear on the Piers Morgan Show.

Here he is again, explaining what happened in New York.  He wants to prove that he’s not crazy!

Gawker – Neetzan Zimmerman

(Ed. Note:)  Moments later Jones added this video to You Tube:

You have to admire Alex Jones.

If not for his tin-foil political views than at least for the breakneck speed with which he can spin a web of conspiracy so thick with heavy-breathed paranoia it makes Robert Ludlum look like a historian.

Just one hour after filming his instantly infamous interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan, Jones was on his YouTube channel claiming the “panicked” producers pulled the plug early and kicked him out with tears in their eyes, and he was now scared for his life because Mayor Bloomberg had sent undercover cops dressed as crackheads to kill him and his crew.

“The way this’ll work is, ‘oh, see here they were protesting gun grabs and some crack dealers shot them,'” Jones told his 344k subscribers. “If something happens to us, we’re killed by crackheads, it was the NYPD or the mafia [Bloomberg] hired.”

Hey, it’s not paranoia if the Bloomberg mafia’s army of crackhead cops is really after you.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Off Completely Sane Piers Morgan Interview, Alex Jones Says Mayor Bloomberg is Sending Crackheads to Kill Him for Speaking Truth to Mafia”

  1. I don’t always agree with Alex Jones but how insane is a Brit spouting on a USA Network about destroying our Bill of rights namely the 2nd amendment? How many gun owners do we have in America? Peers Morgan has to be insane. There is just no other explanation and Im very glad he doesn’t own guns. Left-wingers can’t control themselves and maybe we should ban liberals from having guns. Alex may vent but he would never hurt innocent people. Liberals think anybody that doesn’t believe in their agendas should be killed. That is sick and insane.


  2. Alex is no fool. He sprinkles just enough truth into his off the charts dramatic rants. I’ve listened to him on occasion, and I’ve enjoyed the show (it’s a show). High drama, entertaining.🙂


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