Things that make you say - "Huh?"


When I first ventured on to the internet” via AOL political chat rooms, the same question came up…a lot!  That was back in 1994.

It always puzzled me because common logic and reasoning would have made the question a moot issue.   Everything we read about history in elementary, junior high school, high school and college is about “white history”.

I often wondered, back in those early days of the internet, where do these people come from, don’t they understand that?

My very first website ( 1995) was a portal for Black Websites on the internet.  I was literally chastised and verbally castigated for having something labeled “Black” on the internet.  Folks wondered why there had to be “Black” websites?   It was all too complicated to explain since no matter how careful and detailed I tried to be with my explanations, they still had no clue why there had to be “Black” websites and “Black” History month.

It was all too exasperating for me so I left them in their own tiny world and ventured out to research everything I could think of (admittedly mostly Africentric searches) via Yahoo’s search engine and later Google.

So…imagine my surprise when I found that nothing had changed in almost twenty years:


H/t: Boring as heck



  1. The commentary is absolutely correct we have 11 months where we need true equality is crime and punishment why if a black is attacked by whites are the whites called neo nazi’s and it is labeled a hate crime punishable as a capital crime with possibility of a life sentence.!!! but if (as it more routinely happens) blacks attack a white it is a simple assault and they rarely serve much more than county time and probation sometimes less. Lastly tell me why two black boys can kill a white girl for her bike and the entire incident disappears behind a blanket called racial tension and claim the black boys wouldn’t get a fair trial … What about the guy in Florida who felt being behind bars was safer than being in his home waiting for his day in court… If you want to discuss injustice hit me up I love nigger dick and would prefer it without a nigger attached!


    1. My first inclination was to simply throw this comment in spam. Especially after reading the last sentence. Then I realized, why not let real people see what a real racist sounds like?

      Why not prove the point of the article by letting the above ignorant post stand for all to see?

      The argument you use regarding “black on black or black on white crime is irrelevant to the discussion (as is your entire commentary.) Oh by the way…

      Have you read the stats on the demographic makeup of prison populations? Google it.

      Your alleged insults at the end of your comment don’t denigrate Black men” it simply shows how small your mind is. Come back when find a brain. I heard some guy in The Land of Oz is giving them away…


  2. None are so blind as those who refuse to see the truth. We Cuacasoids have all 12 months. We only share the shortest one with black Americans.
    Shouldn’t 11.8 months [+ or -] be enough for ‘white”Americans? I”m satisfied with it.

    Happy New Year, EVERYONE!


  3. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    Caucasian history is a combination of every other culture’s history, that caucasians have stolen and incorporated into their own weak history. This is a result of a culture that has no identity of it’s very own. Great post Ms. Kstreet607. P.S. To answer that tweet asking why there is a need for a Black History month…caucasian American scholars can not be trusted to tell history honestly & factually when it comes to Black American’s contributions to American History… for 28 days each year, we Black Americans celebrate truth, facts, honest accounting of the real American way. Thanks again The Fifth Column.


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