Biden ‘kills it’ on C-SPAN2

In my opinion, Joe Biden is a National Treasure…


The twitterverse lit up when CSPAN-2 carried Vice President Joe Biden greeting families and swearing in new senators Thursday:

Holy s[—], @vp Biden is killing it on C-SPAN 2.… Killing. It.

— Emil Caillaux (@emilcDC)

There should be one of those puppy cams but for Joe Biden.

Watching @VP Biden schmoozing on CSPAN2 is more entertaining than it sounds. I swear 

There may be no more charismatic politician than @VPJoe Biden. Turn on C-SPAN to see for yourself. He’s currently swearing senators in.

“Mom, you realize in parts of Arizona this is going to hurt your reputation?” – @VP Biden to Sen. Flake’s mother, on standing next to him

The @VP commentary with the family during swearing in photo-op is my favorite part of the new Congress!

“It’s a Democrat I know, but it’s okay.” @VP Biden to Sen. Ted Cruz’s crying young child.

Watching CSPAN right now kinda make me want to hang out with Joe Biden (@VP@CarolineWren. “Oh hey there, buddy, you’re alright!”

There is nothing more entertaining than @VP Biden on! He is so much fun.


Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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