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The Battle Over The Obama Presidential Library: Chicago and Honolulu Both Want In

My preference would be Hawaii, but common sense says Obama’s Presidential Library will be in Chicago where he started  his political career.

Political Wire

Chicago Tribune: “Though Obama has not commented publicly about his plans for a library, every president since Herbert Hoover has established an archive in his home state to house papers from his White House tenure. That means the race could come down to Chicago — the city Obama most recently called home — and Honolulu — the city where he was born.”

“If Chicago is selected, the next hurdle would be to determine where the facility would be built. An Obama library likely would not open before the end of the decade, but already it is a hot commodity because of the prestige and economic vitality it would bring to the community.”

Rachel Maddow Describes Obama’s Accomplishments:

9 thoughts on “The Battle Over The Obama Presidential Library: Chicago and Honolulu Both Want In

  1. Smiling … I love this photo Mr President …
    Yea … It is more expensive to go to Hawaii … And … It will be more advantageous for international tourist to visit Chicago … Many people around the world will be interested to know more about the 44th President of United States Barack Obama … I believe Chicago will be honored to be the host state for President Obama’s Library … And … details of American Culture and History as it’s relates to President Obama … plus the essence of presidential library …
    To be genuinely candid … President Barack Obama … made history as one of the greatest president in the history and of united states … President Obama made the greatest accomplishments of all president within the first term … at the most crucial time of economic catastrophe … When … his opposition party were so envious and jealousy of him as the *First Mixed President* … wished that he had failed … However … President Barack Obama … Amazingly made unprecedented history in numerous way … And also won his re-election … that … is the reason … republicans cannot get over losing to him again …


  2. Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    My preference is Chicago….not many young Black kids, and adults, will ever make it to Hawaii to see this historic Presidential Library. Chicago is centrally located to most of the United States. Let’s Go Chi-town!! Thank you Ms. Kstreet607 for this post. I wish you, your family & friends a wonderfully joyous and healthy, safe, fun Happy New Year….Namaste


    1. You are absolutely right Jueseppi. Chicago is centrally based and the first Black President should indeed have his presidential library in the contiguous United States for all to be able to access it.

      Happy New Year to you as well Jueseppi and to everyone you love and cherish. 🙂


    2. As a serious answer, I agree completely.

      I understand Hawaii’s desire to have another draw, but it already has … being Hawaii!

      Chicago needs this, and I hope that a former community organizer takes the opportunity to make his Presidential library a boon to the community rather than an altar to himself as some other Presidents have done.


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