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It’s immoral to cut Medicare to pay for George Bush’s lies

I couldn’t agree more with John Aravosis of America Blog.

The following article is spot on in it’s condemnation of the Obama administration considering possible Medicare cuts to help pay for the deficit which in fact, was brought on by two unpaid wars and an unpaid prescription program during the George W. Bush administration.

Aravosis correctly attributes George W. Bush’s lies in the lead up to the Iraq war and the subsequent neglect of the Afghanistan initiative, to the approximate 3 trillion dollar cost of both wars which ultimately led to a soaring deficit.  Not to mention the ten year, unpaid for Bush Tax Cuts, all of which got us into this deficit mess in the first place…

America Blog

I cannot believe that Democrats are even considering raising the eligibility age for Medicare as part of the “fiscal cliff” negotiations.

First off, $15bn a year is hardly significant savings, and that’s what you save (at a maximum – some argue it’s significantly less) when you raise the Medicare eligibility age from 65 to 67: a whopping $15bn a year.

Bush tax cuts and Iraq, Afghanistan are causing the deficitBush tax cuts and Iraq, Afghanistan are causing the deficit.

You know how much George Bush’s little venture in Iraq has been costing us per year? In FY 2011, $46 billion.  That’s three times the savings from cutting Medicare.

And overall, the damn war is going to cost us $3 trillion,  according to Joe Stiglitz. $3 trillion for George Bush’s lie. But let’s cut all of our Medicare coverage for two years in order to pay for the Republican party’s lie of the decade, along with their other lie of the decade, Bush’s tax cuts, that supposedly were going to pay for themselves.

The tax cuts and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan combined eat up the lion’s share of the deficit over the coming years.  (See the chart to the right.) So let’s cuts Medicare instead!

Just to be clear, those tax cuts and Bush’s little wars are going to be paid for by cutting your and my Medicare coverage.


You don’t see John McCain and Lindsey Graham calling for any hearings on why were lied to about any of those subjects, do you?

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2 thoughts on “It’s immoral to cut Medicare to pay for George Bush’s lies


    While Congress is afoot trying to distract us w austerity cuts to much needed programs, and hiking the eligibility age for (what some of our payroll taxes go to) Medicare (even though it wasn’t that long ago that we were discussing “Medicare for All”), those in the progressive movement are buzzing about the trillions of dollars that go unaccounted for in “Top Secret America” (check out that “Top Secret America” PBS Frontline video) and the DOD.

    We’re also talking about politicians in bed with Wall Street (love that “Inside Job” documentary) and lobbyists throwing around chunks of money to legislators while the lobbyists write the legislation (thank Senator Sanders for clueing us in on that).

    Did Congress really think we wouldn’t notice all that money (how much exactly does it cost a day to run Congress? … Did I hear millions?)

    Oh yeah, folks are also upset w members of Congress salaries/benefits/pensions while they lovingly go about their business of cutting spending.

    And we do catch on fast about the national debt and budget deficits (check out that YouTube video called “Understanding the National Debt and Budget Deficit). A whole bunch of us have downloaded and circulated that video.

    So tell your fellow members of Congress that the jig is up. Quit talking about spending cuts, hiking the eligibility age on Medicare, and go deal with the wastefulness and those trillions in “Top Secret America”, stop subsidies to oil companies and stop the widening gap between the 1% and the rest of us, and yes, … I think it’s time for Congress to talk about cutting their pensions.


  2. And because this would mean that 65-to-67 group will have to pay for private insurance for 2 years, would basically work as a huge tax increase on these seniors. Except that money will go to the private companies now, which I guess is the whole point of raising the eligibility age.


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