“Another four years of this n—–, maybe he will get assassinated this term..!!”

This is outrageous but predictable from a bunch of adult children who are used to having things their way.

These people need to get over it.  Democracy won, they lost. End of story.

I hope the Secret Service is paying close attention to the gathering of “nuts” out there…

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After posting the above on Facebook, a California woman doesn’t understand why the Secret Service got involved.  The blacked out part is the n-word.

She also lost her job as a result.

The interview she did with the local news is priceless.  From the ModBee:

She told the Fox 40 reporter: “I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. … The assassination part is kind of harsh. I’m not saying like I would go do that or anything like that, by any means, but if it was to happen, I don’t think I’d care one bit.”

She added that she does in fact think the President is a n—–, but she doesn’t think that’s racist.

The ModBee reports that she lost her job as a result of this.  This case reminds me of the anti-gay bigots who lose their jobs after professing their hate.  Should people lose their jobs for being bigots?  Is bigotry, though vile, protected political speech?  Does it matter what kind of job you’re in – one that deals with the public, say, or one in which you work with children, maybe a teacher?

While it’s of course tempting to say “fire her,” it’s an interesting question as to what constitutes a firing offense when they’re comments made off-the-job about something not related to your work.  Just curious what you all think – feel free to weigh in in the comments. But first, watch the video – I had posted it, but the folks at the Modesto Bee haven’t figured out that auto-play videos are obnoxious, so you’ll need to go the site to see it.

Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

12 thoughts on ““Another four years of this n—–, maybe he will get assassinated this term..!!””

  1. I hate the reference to this person as a “woman” because she is the age of the kids I teach and has the same empty look on her face, with the accompanying ignorance of reality. The fact that she cannot understand what she did wrong speaks volumes to me about this generation.


  2. Well, the Right has always been fans of employment at will. I guess it kind of bit her in the behind, didn’t it?

    Not knowing her job, I don’t really know how I feel about it, but if she’s putting stuff like this out on social media and also identifying where she works there is some concern about reflecting on the employer. I’m sure you’ve heard such disclaimers as “The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the staff, management, etc..” There is a concern about how a person makes an employer look, even when not on the job.


  3. She is ignorant and not likely to ever understand what she says. But she has been encouraged by Republican and “conservative” leaders who have treated the president like a n****r for the last four years while always being careful not to actually use the word.


    1. It’s the whole “He Isn’t Really One of Us” syndrome.
      It seems people like that seldom have to turn from their reflection in a mirror to have all the support they want.


  4. Personally, I am against bigotry of any kind, not just racism. As to losing one’s job, it should be an employer’s right to fire a person, depending on their JOB qualifications. If the job involves teaching or is any other job in which a person’s attitude reflects on their job performance, it might be in the employers best interest to let the employee go.


    1. I can see your point where the person is involved in education; elderly care; nursing etc. We wouldn’t hire a person who expressed these views beforehand for such jobs and the thought of such a person teaching my grandchildren is sickening. I stand corrected.


  5. It is tempting to say people like this should be sterilized rather than just fired but I don’t think taking away a person’s livelyhood is the correct path. We should be sending them live with a patient black family for six months or so; maybe some humanity would rub off on her.
    If she were a Ann Romney or other 1%er I’d say she is a lost cause but it is important; I think; to remember that most of these poor white trash haters don’t know better. They have been indoctrinated ionto the hatred and bigotry of their racist redneck parents and they by theirs.
    Becasue of that; I think intervention is appropriate; see if they can’t be shown the err of their parents ways.
    Or we could just shoot the bitch for being so stupid. Just sayin’


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