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Conservative’s Three Part Tragedy

The Republican Bubble - mariopiperni.com/

I have to agree with Mario Piperni, the folks on the right are not only upset over the POTUS’ re-election, they are downright delusional…

Mario Piperni

I don’t believe conservatives and Republicans quite understand what led to the trashing of Mitt Romney and the Republican agenda. Mary Matalin lays it out in a piece titled Mendacity and Malice Won.

Her villain…

What happened? A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice rather than a mandate for resurgence and reform. Instead of using his high office to articulate a vision for our future, Obama used it as a vehicle for character assassination, replete with unrelenting and destructive distortion, derision, and division.

and hero…

Mitt Romney distinguished himself and conservatism with a grounded, courageous, forward-thinking problem-solving reform agenda for a nation ready to renew and starved for leadership and maturity. He is a man of integrity and character, as is his whole family. And unlike in the 1996 and 2008 Republican campaigns, which — though led by men of great personal integrity — were marked by dead-end policy prescriptions, Romney/Ryan laid a durable philosophical and policy foundation for the next generation of conservative leadership.

…and tragic end.

Unfortunately and unfortuitously, forces of nature bookended the general election: Our convention was compromised by one weather disaster and our momentum stalled by another. Two human hurricanes also radically altered the political atmosphere: Bill Clinton’s unique windbaggery constituted a campaign updraft, while Chris Christie’s deplorable and gratuitous gas-baggery infused the campaign with a toxic political pollution.

They’re hopelessly delusional but let them keep on believing this crap as their party slowly drifts into irrelevance. Despite Matalin’s misguided rant (projection, anyone?), the political narcissistic sociopath she so despises is currently the president of the United States…and will be for the next four years. That makes me smile.

4 thoughts on “Conservative’s Three Part Tragedy

  1. Yeah, I’m going to say that the stuff they are spewing at this point is dangerously irresponsible. They sound like 3-year olds taking their toys and going home, but instead of blaming EVERYONE else, they need to take a long, hard look within.


  2. “A political narcissistic sociopath leveraged fear and ignorance with a campaign marked by mendacity and malice rather than a mandate for resurgence and reform. ”
    I was absolutely sure Matalin was talking about Romney. Yes, that some heavy projection….


  3. I agree wholeheartedly! Delusional to the point of being SOCIOPATHIC describes the refusal of reality that permeates the right-wing mindset. Karl Rove, and The Demonic Duo also known as The Koch Brothers, look like fools after pouring millions into making President Obama a “one-term” commander-in-chief. Stupidity=They Rebuilt That!!!!


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