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Rupert Murdoch: Chris Christie Must ‘Re-Declare’ For Mitt Romney ‘Or Take Blame’

Murdoch Christie

“…take blame”?  Did Rupert Murdock inadvertently concede the election to President Obama?

The Huffington Post

Publishing titan Rupert Murdoch sent New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie what appeared to be a warning message on Friday, telling Christie to reaffirm his support for Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney “or take blame for next four dire years.”

The admonition, by way of a tweet from the Murdoch’s verified Twitter account, was presumably in reference to the warm relationship Christie, a Republican, showed with President Barack Obama this week, as the two toured New Jersey in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Thanks Bloomberg right decision.@Now Christie, while thanking O, must re- declare for Romney, or take blame for next four dire years.

Christie has been one of Romney’s highest-profile campaign surrogates, and delivered the keynote address at August’s Republican National Convention. As recently as last week, Christie was on the campaign trail, berating Obama as an ineffective leader.

That partisan posturing seemed to disappear entirely as Hurricane Sandy bore down on the East Coast.

A number of prominent conservatives have worried that Christie’s newfound appreciation for the president could prove to be a decisive liability to Romney’s presidential campaign. Rush Limbaugh, for one, attacked Christie during his show on Wednesday as Obama’s “Greek column.”

It remains to be seen whether Christie, who has presidential ambitions of his own, will alter course in response to conservative blowback. The governor has already dismissed the suggestion that he make a new push for Romney, saying, “If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics, then you don’t know me.”

3 thoughts on “Rupert Murdoch: Chris Christie Must ‘Re-Declare’ For Mitt Romney ‘Or Take Blame’

  1. Well this is the test for Christie, if he really wants to try for president some day. He can either be his own man, or, he can be the republicon puppet again. I think if he can’t knock down these fools in his own party, there is no way he, or anyone else, (in his party) can take on the rest of the world. We have finally regained some respect from other nations, I’m not thrilled about losing it again. With romney/ryan, we lose alot more than that. We effectively voted to lose our freedoms and our personal liberties (especally women) to the worst possible pair of destructive twits!


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