Thursday Blog Round Up – 11-1-2012

Obama Back on the Campaign Trail
President Obama “dives back into campaigning after three days immersed in managing th..

Ad War Update: Ripping Off Romney’s Mask
The Obama campaign tries to do so regarding Mitt’s latest auto-industry claims: They..

Video: Romney campaign dons ‘storm relief’ veneer
Rachel Maddow contrasts they day President Obama had touring disaster areas in New J..

Obama, Romney differ on feds’ role in disaster relief
When Chris Christie praises President Barack Obama as “outstanding” and “incredibly s..

VoteVets Launches $1.25 Million Ad Buy In 3 Senate Races
A progressive veterans group is launching a $1.25 million ad campaign targeting thre..

Obama Campaign Launches Colin Powell Endorsement TV Ad
WASHINGTON — Eager to match, if not trump, Mitt Romney’s recent claims to a biparti..

Report: Chuck Hagel to back Bob Kerrey in Nebraska Senate race
So maybe it won’t be a blowout after all? After an election season in which  he was ..

Video: Obama, Christie on Hurricane Sandy recovery: We will not quit
President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie teamed up Wednesday to address rec..

Conservatives Bash Christie For Cooperating With Obama Post-Sandy
A roller coaster in Seaside Heights, NJ sits in the ocean after Sandy As New Jersey ..

Steve King warns hurricane victims might just spend the money we give ..
Rep. Steve King (R-Sociopath) Hey, have I mentioned lately that Iowa Rep. Steve King..

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Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

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