Geraldo Slams GOP (and Fox News?) ‘Bloodlust’ On Benghazi: ‘Life Is Not An Action Movie’

Back in the 70’s and 80’s I would never miss Geraldo Rivera’s time slot on ABC News channel 7 in New york City.  At that time, in my opinion, Geraldo was a fantastic news commentator.  After the Al Capone Vault disaster, in terms of his credibility, he went downhill from there and loss many fans.  I was one of them.

Later, he went to MSNBC and then Fox News.  His resurged popularity over his OJ Simpson coverage has kept him above water thusfar.   I don’t watch Fox News so I only get information about Rivera when he makes outrageous statements, which seem to be what the Fox News viewers like.

This time, Rivera tweeted his thoughts about Fox News’ Benghazi coverage that I can agree with…


Geraldo Rivera is bucking the Fox News trend on criticizing the Obama administration’s handling of the death of four Americans at the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and is criticizing the criticism. Fox News has been keeping focus on the story, and some of the network’s personalities have taken to criticize the media for ignoring the story. Rivera rebutted the criticism, arguing that it is a “cruel myth” to suggest the deaths of the four Americans killed might have been prevented, and said, “Life is not an action movie.”

Rivera tweeted his thoughts out tonight. He first compared the conservative outrage over Benghazi to similar outrage churned up in the wake of the Fast & Furious ATF gunrunning scandal, saying of House Oversight Committee chairman Darrell Issa, “if [he’s] in charge truth [is] not the goal.”

Rivera followed up by asking if Obama spun on the Benghazi story in order to “retain [the] Bin Laden killer mystique,” while saying that the idea the four dead Americans could have been saved is a “cruel myth.”

He concluded by telling those criticizing the Obama administration for not immediately launching a counterattack that “life is not an action movie.”

Rivera did not mention Fox News in his criticism, but the network has been very strident in demanding answers from the Obama administration on the attack. Watch a portion of Fox News’ Benghazi coverage from tonight here.


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