CNN Headline: “Is Obama the ‘Wrong’ Kind of Christian?”

For years CNN was my only news source.  Then they became “Fox News Lite” and I was done with them.  This CNN headline only reinforces my decision to drop them completely.  Although the article turns out to be positive, the connotation, in my opinion, appears to be aimed at some of the more fact challenged folks who hear this stuff all day on Fox News.

Why the provocative headline?

Daily Kos


Yes, that’s the headline on CNN right now.  However, the preview of the article states:

He’s been called the anti-Christ. But Obama is a “different” kind of Christian, progressives say — one who’s challenging the religious right’s grip on the national stage.

Not exactly what the headline connotes, is it?  And the article is actually positive for Obama — about how his “progressive” faith is challenging the dominance of the religious right in national discourse.  For example, though it mentions Rev. Wright, it states that Obama’s real inspiration is Martin Luther King.

But the casual reader who stops by the website (I was only there to find out what’s going on with Iran — first — talks, then denial, then the NYT headline that there are talks. CNN had nothing!*) sees the headline about Obama being the “Wrong Kind of Christian” and probably won’t read the article.

You would think the headline could be “Obama — a Different Kind of Christian” or “Obama’s Faith — a challenge to the religious right’s brand of Christianity.”  And no, putting “wrong” in quotes doesn’t help that headline.

Nearly two weeks before the election that’s irresponsible at best.

UPDATE:  Let them know.

*What is going on?


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