Rachel Maddow is TICKED OFF

Rachel Maddow can be described as extremely intelligent, sarcastic, funny, opinionated and having a Ph.D  in Political Science.

What I have not seen in the four years of watching her on MSNBC and a prior two years of listening to her on Air America Radio, is a very ticked off Rachel Maddow, until last night.

Daily Kos

“Can You Say That A Little Louder, Candy” rant begins at about 6:11

DailyKos – by Exurban Mom

Rachel Maddow is angry. One doesn’t often catch Ms. Maddow in a moment of anger; she is calm, deliberate, and thoughtful at all times, even when an asshole like Alex Castellano treats her like crap. But last night, as she closed out her show, she delivered an almost Olbermann-like rant against the right wing closed bubble of disinformation.

The last segment on her program Wednesday evening was called “Can You Say That A Little Louder, Candy?”. In the segment, Rachel discusses the closed loop of right wing media and how the disinformation feedback loop can lead a candidate like Romney astray. When you are only trying to appeal to the base, who is also trapped in the bubble, you end up making mistakes like Romney did on the Libya question. After replaying that moment from the debate, Rachel begins her closing.

Best part? She ended the rant by throwing her papers at the camera, perhaps a subtle homage to our friend Keith.

Thanks, Rachel, for telling the truth. Those of us living in the reality-based community appreciate you so much.



Author: kstreet607

Politics! Politics! I love politics! Unapologetic Barack Obama enthusiast.

2 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow is TICKED OFF”

  1. I am glad to see someone finally point out what I have long been saying about the nature of “balance” in media. Facts have become confused with opinion; untruths are given the same status as documentable events. There is this attitude that all positions are valid and must be respected, when in reality, unfounded assertions and intentional falsehoods do not deserve the respect that facts do.


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