Pres. Clinton explains Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut for the rich (video)

No surprise there.  In my opinion, Mitt Romney has proven himself to be the most lying, shape shifting presidential nominee in our country’s history.

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President Clinton explains that Mitt Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut for the rich will lower taxes by $250,000 for the wealthy, while increasing taxes $2,000 for the middle class.

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3 thoughts on “Pres. Clinton explains Romney’s $5 trillion tax cut for the rich (video)”

  1. This would be great, but Clinton’s math is WRONG and a LIE. If a $3 million earner gets a 20% cut in tax rates, he would save $210,000 (that’s 20% of 35% tax rate = 7% x $3 million = $210,000.) So, even BEFORE losing all those deductions, the most he could save is $210,000.

    Clinton and Obama misconstrue the tax plan. They obviously just took 20% of $3 million ($600,000) and then knocked of $350,000 for the typical deductions someone in that earnings range takes, to leave a $250,000 savings. Only problem is, using the RIGHT math, that person’s tax bill would go UP by $140,000.

    There’s a reason our deficit is $1.4 trillion. There’s a reason real unemployment is over 10%. The simple fact is Obama and Washington have no clue how to get the economy going without tax and spending us into fiscal oblivion.

    The debate showed how out of his depth Obama is when it comes to economics and how business works. He has no experience, and his record is abysmal. He’s greta on social issues, and Romney is terrible (but tacking center), but right now, getting the nation back to work and truning around our government’s insane spending and money-printing spree has to be more important than free abortions, gay marriage and free condoms. Do we seriously believe anyone who has a job and health insurance can’t afford a pack of rubbers?? What an inane conversation.


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