David Siegel: ‘I Didn’t Try To Intimidate’ Employees With Anti-Obama Email

Uh…yes you did.  You also did the same thing in 2008

The Huffington Post

For Westgate Resorts CEO David Siegel, telling his employes they’ll lose their jobs if President Obama is reelected isn’t a threat. It’s a fact.

The Florida real estate tycoon, who recently restarted construction on his 90,000 square foot dream home, defended a private memo he sent to his employees telling them he “will have no choice but to reduce the size of [his] company” should Obama win the election come November.

Siegel, who has claimed he is “personally responsible” for getting George W. Bush elected, was criticized for striking fear in the hearts of his workers who may choose to vote for Obama. But he claims the memo wasn’t meant to be a threat.

I didn’t try to intimidate anybody,” he told WKMG Local 6. Instead it’s simply a matter of preparing his employees for the worst, he later explained to CNBC’S “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo.”

“I wanted to inform my employees of what their future would hold if they make the wrong decision,” he said on CNBC. “I wasn’t threatening any of the employees. If they vote for Obama they’re not going to lose their jobs.”

Siegel isn’t shy about letting employees go in tough times; in 2009 he laid off some 7,000 workers thanks to “tightening of the banks.”

And he isn’t the first CEO to make his political preferences known and not-so-subtly attempt to push them on his workers. Murray Energy Company employees were forced to lose a day’s pay to attend a mandatory Romney rally in August.

“Our managers communicated to our workforce that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend,” a Murray Energy Company spokesman later told local news radio WWVA.

Author: kstreet607

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3 thoughts on “David Siegel: ‘I Didn’t Try To Intimidate’ Employees With Anti-Obama Email”

  1. Koch brothers greed is beyond belief. They have enough money for the next millennium or two yet they use scare tactics to win an election. This is pathetic. How come the stock market has doubled during Obama’s term? How much money have the Koch brothers made in the last 4 years?


  2. Of course he didn’t mean to intimidate his employees! How could anyone possibly mistaike his meaning that way. He was just being a good instructive boss, like the CEO of Murray Energy…


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