4 thoughts on “Andrea Mitchell Visibly Shocked After Sununu Calls Obama ‘Lazy,’”

  1. Wow. I think Obama has worked very hard- harder than he should even have to. This is thanks to the Republicans’ intentional derailing of every single thing that President has tried to accomplish. Now they get exactly what they asked for and blame the ONE person- Obama- who actually did the work. And, I cannot help but think that no White president, no matter the evidence, would be referred to as “lazy.” Sununu, like other of his ilk, is out of line, irrational, and racist. Facts, of course, are irrelevant to these people so no amount of reason can combat willful ignorance and malice.


      1. That’s exactly why the Romney campaign sends him out there on a constant basis to trash the POTUS in the ugliest terms. It’s not Sununu on his own…he’s got the Romney Camp backing him.


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