Democrat Targets West’s Military Career In Brutal TV Ad

Democrat Targets West’s Military Career In Brutal TV Ad

Any scrutiny toward Allen West is welcomed in my book…

TPM 2012

Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy struck back on Tuesday at Rep. Allen West (R-FL), after West ran an ad about Murphy’s arrest in 2003 bar-fight. In response, Murphy went after a key event for West in 2003 — when his military career was ended.

In a race that has possibly featured the most intensely negative ads of the cycle, this one is a doozy.

“You need the facts about Allen West in 2003,” the announcer says, in response to how West’s ad touted his own military service in that year. “West was criminally charged with violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice; found guilty of three counts of aggravated assault; and relieved of his command. The final Army report: West ‘performed illegal acts…merited court martial…faced 11 years in prison.’ Allen West: He just isn’t who he says he is.”

The Murphy campaign confirmed to TPM it is spending about $175,000 to air the ad, starting on Tuesday.

West fired a handgun next to the head of an Iraqi policeman during an interrogation, and after first having the officer beaten. West said this was done in order to stop an impending attack on his unit, but no evidence of such a plan was found based on the policeman’s coerced confession.

The incident did, however, help West gain notoriety with conservative activists, and to launch a political career that ultimately saw him elected to Congress in the 2010 Republican landslide.

The West campaign was clearly angry about the new ad, responding in a statement to reporters.

“What kind of man who has never worn the uniform attacks an honorably discharged combat veteran for acting to protect the lives of his soldiers?” said West campaign manager Tim Edson. “A desperate man and apparently the same kind of man who calls a decorated combat veteran a coward, hides behind his father’s racist attack ads, gets into drunken bar fights, verbally assaults police officers and then uses his family’s connections to get out of trouble. Patrick Murphy is a spoiled brat and a truly terrible person.”


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1 thought on “Democrat Targets West’s Military Career In Brutal TV Ad”

  1. As a Florida resident — and ‘native Floridian’ — I am ashamed for my state that Allen West was elected to public office by Floridians.

    I sincerely hope that my fellow citizens correct that mistake on November 6, 2012.


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