*UPDATED* BREAKING: Florida GOP Election Fraud scandal spreads to ten counties

No surprise there.  The Republican party does a lot of projecting

Daily Kos

The Los Angeles Times reports that numerous fraudulent GOP voter registrations have now been discovered in ten Florida counties.

WASHINGTON — Florida elections officials said Friday that at least 10 counties have identified suspicious and possibly fraudulent voter registration forms turned in by a firm working for the Republican Party of Florida, which has filed an election fraud complaint with the state Division of Elections against its one-time consultant.

The firm of course is none other than Strategic Allied, which is basically a regurgitation of Nathan Sproul’s infamous firm which destroyed Democratic registration forms in swing states during the 2004 election.

The controversy in Florida — which began with possibly fraudulent forms that first cropped up in Palm Beach County —  has engulfed the Republican National Committee, which admitted Thursday that it urged state parties in seven swing states to hire the firm, Strategic Allied Consulting.  The RNC paid the company at least $3.1 million — routed through the state parties of Florida, Nevada, Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia — to register voters and run get-out-the-vote operations. Wisconsin and Ohio had not yet paid the firm for get-out-the-vote operations it was contracted to do.

This is sort of like our ACORN story – except that ACORN actually reported fraudulent or suspicious registrations whereas Strategic Allied Consulting has been systematically trying to engage in voter registration fraud in order to add fictitious and/or redundant GOP voters to the rolls.  Disgusting.

*As someone pointed out downthread, they may be engaging in this activity so as to register Democratic voters with wrong information so that when they show up to vote, they can’t, because their information is inaccurate.  Also, I would bet that Sproul is still engaging in the destruction of Democratic voter registrations.

I sincerely hope that the media picks up on this story and runs with it.  The Republicans got into bed with this firm because of its checkered past not in spite of it!  The Republican Party has become synonymous with corruption.

Here is a link to the article:  http://www.latimes.com/…

UPDATE:  Someone downthread posted part of an article originiating from Pensacola.  Here is a link to that whole article, which points out that over 100 suspicious registration forms were found in Santa Rosa County as well:  http://www.pnj.com/…

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