Tommy Thompson Promises To ‘Do Away With Medicare and Medicaid’

Crooks & Liars via TPM

After standing tall in support of Mitt Romney’s 47 percent comments, this secret video of Tommy Thompson promising TeaBirchers he’ll do away with the “rest of the entitlements” comes up. Oh, the things they say and how they wish this wasn’t the age of YouTube.

Meanwhile, Tammy Baldwin is running away from Thompson in the polls, even as Thompson continues to huddle with his pal Mitt.

Also, what is it with Republicans and PowerPoint presentations? Sheesh.

Update: After Tammy Baldwin smacked Thompson down over those comments, Thompson’s campaign issued what might be the most disingenuous statement ever, saying:

In a statement to TPM, the Thompson campaign responded by saying Baldwin “would rather lie and demagogue the issues than put forth a credible plan,” declaring that Thompson “actually provides solutions to our nation’s problems.”

In this video, Thompson was making the case for reforming Medicare so that we can protect it for current seniors and preserve it for future generations,” his spokeswoman Lisa Boothe said. “That is evidenced by his comments at the end of the video where he says he wants people to have a choice to either stay on Medicare as it is or give people another option.”

Bircher Bullsh*t.

Author: kstreet607

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