Chuck Norris threatens ’1,000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins

Chuck Norris warning that President Obama’s reelection would usher in “1,000 years of darkness.” Photo: Screenshot via YouTube.

What the hell?  Who the heck is Chuck Norris anyway to be making such a dire prediction?  He and his wife tell viewers to get out and vote.

Of course, no mention of the tens of thousands of minorities who are being blocked from voting.

These people live off fear and loathing and it’s a terrible way to live.

By the way, this is the same guy who in 2008 said that if Mitt Romney won the Republican presidential nomination, he’d “buy the White House.”

The Raw Story

A video released this weekend by action movie hero Chuck Norris claims that America faces “1,000 years of darkness” if President Barack Obama is reelected.

“If we look to history, our great country and freedom are under attack,” Norris warns, standing next to his wife. “We’re at a tipping point and, quite possibly, our country as we know it may be lost forever if we don’t change the course in which our country is headed.”

The pair go on to explain that Obama won in 2008 because more than 30 million evangelical Christians stayed home on Election Day. “We know you love your family and your freedom as much as Gena and I do, and it is because of that we can no longer sit quietly or stand on the sidelines and watch our country go the way of socialism or something much worse,” Norris explains.

Quoting President Ronald Reagan, Norris’s wife Gina adds that defeating Obama “will preserve for our children this last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into 1,000 years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

Norris has been an outspoken critic of Obama’s since even prior to the 2008 election. He’s claimed in recent years that the Christian savior character Jesus would have been aborted by his mother if “Obamacare” were available 2,000 years ago, claimed that American progressiveswant to enshrine Islamic moral codes into U.S. law, and accused the Obama administration of trying to force the Boy Scouts to adopt a “pro-gay” position.

He also warned in 2008 that if Mitt Romney won the Republican presidential nomination, he’d “buy the White House.” Norris hasn’t repeated that particular criticism this election cycle.

This video was published to YouTube on Sept. 1, 2012.


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13 thoughts on “Chuck Norris threatens ’1,000 years of darkness’ if Obama wins”

  1. Chuck Norris is an actor, marital artist, spokesman for fitness machines, not a fortune teller, he should read his Bible, matter of fact, a lot of you should, and realize, no matter who wins this election, things are never gonna be as we would like it. We are living in those last days, and the bible states, it will get worse before better, so it don’t matter which jackass is voted in. Don poor fellow,where have you been for the last century? there has always been welfare, it didn’t just start with Obama, but I know you, and people like you want to blame it on the current President. You all know Bush started this mess, then expect the man to clean it up, get real my man, this is the hand we have been dealt, and only the all mighty can change it or make it better. Which one of these jackasses is God? I didn’t think so. A lot us work hard everyday, just like you, I pray you never have to rely on welfare, mr. hard worker. I agree with you on 1 thing though Bob, drug test the ones that are on welfare, unless they are real old.


  2. All I have to say is its not personnal…to any one or anything…A man one day carved a mans face out of stne..everyone said it was a wonderful job …and asked how he did it…he replied,,I saw his face and brushed away what didnt belong….there are alot of good people who worked all their life for retirement and lost it,kicked out of their home lost their jobs.. and wanted the all the injured VEts who served our country to pay for their injuries NO WAY>>>its these servicemen who make this country free and our job to take care of them if they spill blood for this country we take care of their injuries we should respect this “Thanks for a job well done…and not charge them it was this country they fought fot to keep it free….Is this the Americian way???? Hell no,its not at all…This President has the power to make this all happen ,instead he went backwards.with empty promises….sorry I cant support this….he didnt get my vote in the beginning or now….thank you…and then sings songs at the podium…glad to see you are doing ok…Mr. President…..


  3. All I have to say is “shut up stupid” Chuck Norris is right…and so are alot of other people boot obama outa the white house…if found guilty for false s.s.i. and birth certificate..,.he should be hung for treason nobody has the balls to make a stand anymore they get jerked over and like it and want more…stupid bastards thats not what made this country..its all americians who fought for freedom and everyone else sucks it up and abuses it…the more nothing we get in the country the more nothing there is…I voted for Mitt Romney…and yes it doesnt make a difference who you are ..if you dont do your job its time to let you go period….How about truth loyalty…show us the world the real birth certificate and S.S.I….when there question and nothing checks out we pursue the truth…Whats matter obama got something to hide …huh… and you are a leader of this country hell you ran into the ground….how about you and your white house assholes live under the rules you make us live under.. you lose the jobs for no damn good reason and then laugh and say “I guess that fell thru”….????????? you frigg it up fix it up…stop pointing the finger…
    its your mess you made it and quadrupled the debt in 4 years more then any president did in 3 years and what do you have to show for it..”NOTHING” nothinng from nothing is nothing..Do the right thing step down….and let the professionals take over no room for amatures…get the hint…..leave ..goodbye…take a long walk on a short pier…such a short trip…outa touch…..So long dont let the door hit you in the ass….Lets put this country back up to number #! I voted Mitt Romney…Chuck Norris,Clint Eastwood..all make good points…So shut up stupid what is our right to comment….. ITs “We The People Of The United States” the proud I’m Vietnam Vet…and I’m I have no time for anyone not loyal to this country or its flag…and “In God We Trust”..and not cover up statues of saints per obama cause he was visiting a town for a speech….Does he believe in GOD??? One Nation Under GOD in the visiible for liberty and justice for all…SO stupid liberal go back into your closet and come out when called if ever…lol….thats the American right to stand for this country and have leaders who care for the americian people not keep putting
    sanctions on them and tearing this country apart after all this years we fought to make it free…so long liberal thats what Chuck Norris has the right to say and Clint Eastwood.Mitt Romney and GOP we see it coming its time for change and reverse this debt so the americian people can live again and enjoy life and what they work so hard for…..GOT IT>>>>!!!!!!


    1. I’m not gonna stoop your level, and call you stupid, it seems what I stated upset you, well good be upset, call people stupid, that’s what gives the media so much power, Do you really feel that this man gave a false birth certificate? I you believe that, then I’m sorry your the stupid one, and the government is too, to allow somebody with false info to get into the White house and run this country. Again I say this, it don’t matter who is running this country, again you better look around bud, this country has a history of being greedy, you must be 1of those rich people, who are angry that this President is trying to get you rich people to pay more taxes, but as and old man once said: stick around for a while, I’m in my 60’s been around for a while, a Vietnam Vet, I have seen some things, that we have done to others, just as wrong as other countries have. Time is up, like I said, stick around for a while. Everything must change, nothing stays the same, and in business, it takes money to make money, do you think for One moment that to stop spending it would help the economy?So my want to be, I don’t care who wins, because, 1 thing I have learned, the government will do what they want to, when they want to to it, whether you like it or not, even you should know that, all of this is about money, and either you have or you don’t, and the times we are living now, dude Major scary unless you live by faith. I stay prayed up and fear nothing and no one, so bring it. I totally look over the stupid thing, I realize your just upset, I would be to being you, have a great day.


  4. Agree, it is hard to put any faith in propaganda like this, because we are bombarded by it every day from both sides – only thing you can be sure of is that all the messages are completely exagerated. We can’t even depend on the media to “educate” us, because they do the same thing.
    I think President Obama is an impressive man with tremendous skills, and I really like him as a person. However, what I do believe to be true is that he is steering this ship, ever so slowly in a direction that I don’t think this country was built on and that concerns me. Its not so much change, because change is inevitable, but fundamental/core belief change is a scary proposition.


    1. “However, what I do believe to be true is that he is steering this ship, ever so slowly in a direction that I don’t think this country was built on and that concerns me. Its not so much change, because change is inevitable, but fundamental/core belief change is a scary proposition.”

      Alarmists said the same things about Lincoln, Roosevelt and Kennedy.

      I suppose the party of voter suppression better represents America’s “fundamental/core beliefs”.


  5. I’d rather listen to Chuck Norris’s so-called scare tactics than deal with another 4 years of Obama. Do you think I like to work hard to support those that would rather not work and get government assistance. Mandatory drug-testing for welfare and unemployment, please!!!


    1. won’t you pay the same amount of taxes if Romney wins? in fact, you’d probably pay more – i don’t recall tax breaks being on his agenda. so the question is, where would your tax money go if Romney won, if not to social programs that are designed to temporarily help the kinds of people who lose the kinds of jobs he was responsible for sending away to begin with?


    2. you are absolutely correct sir – who wants their money going to things like welfare or responsible social programs? in fact, you should be forced to live by your little credo – if you, or anyone in your immediate family should ever lose their job, you should get nothing – no unemployment, no help, no welfare. if you have elderly parents, nothing for them – let them starve. in fact, let them die. have you ever received medical benefits? do you have children who maybe broke an arm or a leg or needed an operation? know what? someone else paid part of that bill, too, and i’m sure they are wondering why they had to give their money to your stupid, spoiled cranky wife, husband, or children, or whatever it is that you have to love, if anything.


  6. This seventy somehing has been evangelical theocfatic extremist needs to shut his mouth. If Romney wins it will be worse than watching 20 years of Walker, Texas Ranger reruns which is much worse than 1,000 years of darkness.


  7. This is utterly ludicrous. All of these scare tactics are insulting to voter intelligence. I do hope people educate themselves of what’s really going on. Watching this propaganda and Romney commercials is a sad and lazy way to determine how to vote.


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